Today Is My Day To Find Out If i Get My Go Ahead to Run My Last Ever Marathon

This Morning i have to have a cardiogram and Then i see My Cardiologist after for a check up to see if am fit enough to run a marathon in two weeks.After i have my Weekly meeting with my DSN and have my weekly bloods and urine samples and then weekly bollocking off her for not doing something she has told me to do the week before we also go through my diet also and what i have been eating in the week,Then in the afternoon i see my endo who i love to bits and is as eccentric and mad as me we dont meet in her office we have coffee instead at a cafe in the hospital as am always her final appointment,But it will also be down to her to allow me to run.The group i run with are all diabetics and some also have cardiovascular diabetes like me.

Three are doctors,Two are sports scientists,One a medical research scientist and a we have couple of nurses and the rest of use i just patients i feel lol,So its not like if any thing goes wrong we don't have medical back up does it.My average finishing time for marathons before my illness use to be about three hours and add extra 30 mins as i got older,On Sunday we have a trail run of eighteen miles to achieve so if i can just hit the wall or pain barrier at eighteen then i no i can do twenty four miles,If i hit barrier at sixteen then i no i will not be able to do it,Amount of muscle burn and nerve damage one gets is not worth the risk and to be honest it take days for me to now recover.So may be i will just do a half marathon instead,If i do the 24 my target time will be five hours and that to me feels like a life time i will also carry 25LBs in a back pack full of Meds and a defibrillator just in case one of use need it.As a group we run in pairs to keep a eye on each other.So today i hope i get the go ahead off both of them to do my last and final marathon,In thirty one years i have ran 136 marathons in all and loved running every one of them.

I hope you get the chance to do this one last marathon but I have trouble believing this will be your last. Running is a addiction and anyone that has run 136 marathons must be addicted.

Good luck feeding your addiction you deserve a chance.

Gary S

Good luck with it all Gareth! Let us know what happens. 136 marathons????? wow!

I hope you pass your test!

What do they look for on a cardiogram to tell the difference between a full and a 1/2? I would think both would be pretty risky if something were up? I had a wierd heart thing once w/a hypo, paramedics found odd irregularities in EKG, rx'ed immediate massive amount of tests so I asked the endo "do you think this could have been from being whacked out on insulin? to which she replied "I can't say for sure..." so I blew off the cardiologist (having read about the other te$ts that awaited there. I know you've mentinoned your condition leads to all the tests and all that and I agree running can be a great adventure but I'm always thinking that it's quite hairy with any sort of hair-raising medical condition too? Good luck again with the tests!