Running with the betes

I’ve been a t1 for a little longer then a year, and i have recently started running. For the time being i am sticking to the treadmill in my living room until i can run at least a mile comfortably before i start running outside. While it isn’t an issue right now, i am nervous to run out side by myself. I don’t currently have any running buddies, and i’m trying to brain storm ways that i can keep my blood checker and some extra sugar with me without being uncomfortable.
What is the best kind of quick acting carbs to take with you?
What kind of pack should i take with me?
I am also on an Animas pump, and looking for some cases to keep my pump hooked on my upper calf or thigh. Whats the best website for these kinds of accessories?
Does anybody have any suggestions?

  1. Join one of the athletic groups at tudiabetes.
  2. Get a Spibelt ( to carry your I.D. and some glucose tabs. (Some people use running gels instead. Get them at a runner’s store or sporting goods store.)
  3. Get a One Touch Mini to carry with you on your runs.
  4. Clip your Animas to the spibelt.
  5. Get a copy of “The Diabetic Athlete” by Sheri Colberg.
  6. Never go on a run without your meter and some carbs.

Remember-Spibelt, glucose tabs, Sherri Colberg. That’s all you need.

And good shoes.