Safety first

My mother would be proud. I have been thinking for a while now about getting a Medical ID bracelet. I am sure that everyone can understand why I have not done this yet. Medical ID bracelets are not looked at as cool and they are generally pretty ugly. But they serve a good purpose. If something ever happened to me where I was unconscious and could not communicate I would need someone or something else to speak for me. And now that I am on an Insulin pump I felt like it was even more important. So I have been looking online for something and finally found a site called Lauren’s Hope. And I ordered this little number. The underside of the plate has my name, that I am diabetic, and I am on an insulin pump. It also has an emergency contact number listed. I feel responsible. Score.
I liked it because it reminded me of a bracelet that Nathan bought for me for our first Christmas together from Tiffany & Co. It was my first gift in a “little blue box” and I love it. The following birthday I received the matching earrings. Nathan, he is keeper.

Oh I like what you have ordered up for yourself (hmmm - an excuse to use to buy another one for myself ). I used to wear the Medic Alert brand of bracelet (still have the first one that I got back in '68 - it’s too small for me to wear now - my wrist has grown!). It started to get abit expensive for me as I had a few yanked off my wrist due to the sports I do (yes - know they make ones for us sporty types - but Medic Alert is expensive when you factor in the membership yearly fee, etc.). I also used to not wear it sometimes since it clashed with my jewellery - but like you say - times have changed and now medical ID bracelets don’t look so “ugh”. I currently wear ID bracelets that are geared for kids - I own a few different colours to match my wardrobe - they’re from Rescue Me ID’s (run by a Mum whose two boys are diabetic). I think whatever works for you - is a good thing!!!

I am not sure if you have seen it, but there is a great discussion on the Forum about this:
Do you Wear Medical ID jewelry?

Oh, I love that braclet! Does it come in gold? Really pretty, I want one.

I am going to check it out. Thanks, and I am glad you now have a braclet, it is important!
I need a pretty one, mine is not so great!

You wanna know the sad truth?

most emergency responce personal DON’T look at/for medical ID’s.
they SHOULD test EVERYONE’s blood sugar, diabetic or not, on EVERY call.
some don’t.

The only reason I wear one is because I have a severe allergy to Vicodin so there are about 12 different meds I can’t take.

almost every one of my male friends are firefighters/emt’s/paramedics. they have told me many stories…and 90% of those firefighters have type 1 themselves.

Robyn, I am not sure if it comes in gold. It might. Thanks for the encouragement. :slight_smile:

Brooke, it is sad I know.And I agree with you. Part of the reason I held off so long getting one is that I didn’t think it would matter since they probably wouldn’t look anyway. But then I figured I had to at least do what I needed to let them be informed if they did check. Thanks for the comment.