Salads and Vegetable Dishes

These discussions were removed from this group, so I’m putting this back so that we can enjoy some low-carb salads and veggie dishes.

Here’s something you can buy the ingredients for ahead of time that you can whip up in no time when you’re somewhere that they’re serving high-carb foods. Carry the ingredients with you in a bag or purse just in case. I ate this for dinner last night.

Canned Cactus Salad

1 small jar or can of Sliced Nopalitos (that’s pickled canned cactus, should have a net carb of -1 per serving; mine does)

a 5.5 oz can of sardines with tomatoes and chili, or just tomatoes, or plain sardines or whatever you wish to substitute that has 0 grams net carbs

Open the cactus jar. Spoon contents onto a plate (you may rinse it first if you wish, but you can eat this as is). My can of sardines came with a pull-top, so I just threw the sardines over the cactus, Break up the sardines with a fork, stir briefly, and enjoy. Serves 1.

Total carbs: 4 grams Net carbs: -1 (thanks to the cactus having more fiber than total carbs according to the label).

I’m a big eggplant fan, so here’s an easy recipe to get you started…

Quick Steamed Eggplant
1 whole eggplant
splash water
desired seasonings, low carb toppings, etc (optional)
Cut the top off the eggplant, then slice in half lengthwise. Put it on a microwavable plate, then put a splash of water on the bottom of the plate. Microwave it on high for about 5 minutes, then flip over and cook for another 5 minutes, or until skin is soft. Put desired toppings and/or seasonings on it and enjoy! Serves 2-4. You may freeze the leftovers.

This is what I ate for dinner tonight. You may use other precooked meat if you wish.

Hamburger Stuffed Bell Peppers
1 pound ground beef, seasoned lightly with seasoned salt and precooked
1 roma tomato, chopped
1 thick slice red onion, chopped small
1 pickle, chopped
some bell peppers for stuffing
some grated cheese if you want it to be more like a cheeseburger (optional)
Mix all ingredients for the filling. Put it in the peppers and top with the cheese if desired. Cook in the microwave until the cheese melts and peppers are soft if desired, or serve as is. Serves up to 4. May freeze leftovers…