What's your favorite low carb recipe?

Until I can get my insulin figured out, I need to do very low carb meals at least once a day. I have tons of cookbooks but it’s hard to find stuff that actually tastes good. I usually don’t like the taste of carbolose flour but made the turkey potpie tonight with carbquick and it was delicious. And I like magic rolls- they taste a bit like popovers. What are your favorite recipes?

http://www.geocities.com/jenny_the_bean/recipes.htm The whey pancakes are my favorite, especially made with raspberries or blueberries. (This is part if my old low carb diet site.)

Homemade Grilled Chicken Salad. I slap a boneless skinless chicken breast into a pan, seasoned with a bit of salt, garlic powder and papper. Cook it (of course! LOL) While that’s going, I make my salad (I usually just buy the “bagged” salad, add me some mushrooms, cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower, some shredded cheese. Oh and some tomato’s too!! When the chicken is done, I cut it up into chunks and add to the salad and toss. YummY :slight_smile:

My favorite recipes sidestep carbs entirely, so when I started dating a T1 diabetic I didn’t have much adjusting to do. Biggest issue is that she doesn’t like onions. (heh)

I’ve been pimping my Spicy Citrus Tilapia elsewhere on the site, but you can make all kinds of variations on the same recipe. It’ll also work with chicken. If you don’t want to use the sugars in the OJ, you can eliminate that and use a little chicken broth with your favorite spices. I recommend turmeric, cumin, and paprika with just a dash of lime juice for a Cuban flavor. Balsamic vinegar helps make it richer and it thickens as it cooks, so you make a glaze without using flour or some other starch for a thickening agent.

If high at dinner time and niece has to come down before eating carbs, one of those small steaks and a big salad with the works, topped with blue cheese dressing. Can add up to cup of strawberries tossed with a bit of Splenda and topped with whipped cream for dessert, about 12 to 15 grams then. I note you did NOT ask for low fat, LOL. Another good one for an adult would be chicken marsala. That is usually chicken fried up with mushrooms and marsala wine, maybe a touch of cream. Chicken marsala is super easy to make and very tasty.

Here’s one I like. Four carbs. I buy my yougurt at the health-food store. It’s $4.95 for 32 oz. and is eight carba per cup. The brand is White Mountain. Recipe: One half cup of this or similar yogurt. Mix in 1/4 t of instant coffee; I use Folgers. Now, mix in Stevia liquid, Dark Chocolate flavor, to taste.This is the closest thing to ice cream. It’s my recipe, and I love it.