Salba Seeds

Been here about 2 weeks and yes, I know how to use search. This being the case I used it in search of Salba & Salba Seeds but couldnt find anything so I am posting my question to the group.

When I was diagnosed with Type 2 a friend of my mothers recommended I buy these seeds called Salba, the stronger and more efficient form of Chia seeds.

Apparently there has been a lot of research done on them ( ) & others just to name a few.

Does anyone here use these & have you had any success with them? I bought them when I was first diagnosed but have not really used them till now and was curious to know of its success.

Hey PittzburghFF!

I LOVE Salba :) I don't know whether I'm biased because they are a really down to earth and supportive company (they send us full bags and samples for free to take to Connected in Motion events), but either way, I really love Salba.

When I was first introduced to it, I noticed a huge difference in my postprandial BGs. Now, I might also be able to attribute this to the fact that I WANTED to notice a difference and was eating foods that went well with Salba and testing like a fiend. haha I really do think, though, that it makes a difference. I actually have a salt shaker that's filled with Salba instead of salt ;)

I'd really recommend checking out the recipes on the Salba site! Their soups are so fantastic and delicious!
What are your fav ways to use it so far?

Oh, and also, I found it really helped during intense exercise too. If I had Salba w breakfast and then went out skiing for the morning, I'd be much less likely to drop and need to treat.

I'm excited you started this discussion!
Maybe someone will even have some recipes to share! :)

I use chia seeds when I do my low carb baking with flaxseed. I make flaxseed crackers with ground flaxseed, water, cheese and chia and sesame seeds. I roll out the dough and cook in microwave on parchment paper of a coated paper plate. All you need is 2-3 minutes and they become crispy like flatbread. I also use them in my low carb waffle recipe that I make with whey powder and flaxseed. I think anything wiith omega 3 is good for our system.

Salba sounds very interesting.... I hadn't heard about it, before. I have heard about people using Canaryseed or Birdseed Milk, and saying it has lowered their numbers. I've never seen it in any stores, but saw it online once... Always thought about trying it, but always forget, or never have extra $. lol

Sounds delicious!!! I'm gonna have to give this a try!

I want a recipe. lol