Saliva Ketone Test Strips?

Does anybody know if this exists? I’m sitting at my desk at work thinking this would be much easier than the urine strips. And I would actually use them a lot more. Maybe something is available outside the US?

Good for you, Dave. :slight_smile:

Haven’t heard of these, Grace.

Cool, thanks. That reminds me that there was a meter called Precision that did this too; the ketone strips were just too expensive. But maybe insurance has changed. That was years ago. I totally forgot about that.

I think the Precision Xtra still does Ketone testing via blood…
Id like to see a meter do fructosamine testing though… I miss them pulling the one meter that did off the market… the duet or something like that it was called…

Iv never heard of saliva ones but you can get blood ones that are very accurate, I think the medisence optium range can be used for ketone’s as well as glucose

It would seem that you should be able to make a meter to at least detect ketones in your breath. I mean “Ketone Breath” is a common side effect of low carb diets. I did find a paper from 1993 describing how to to measure acetone in breath as an indicator of ketones ( and there is at least one patent on a device to do that (

If someone has high ketones, they usually have a very fruity/acetone scent to their breath…
as someone said im surprised someone hasnt come up with a mini-breathalyzer or a strip that uses blotter paper and saliva