Lately, I've been smelling sweet, fruity notes on my daughter's breath. She tests negative for ketones (using urine test strips) but it's been lingering for a week.

We are on Novorapid and Levemir injections. We've been giving lots of bonus-round injections of late as well as experiencing more then usual lows.

Anyone have any advise on ketone stuff. I'm a natural worrier to begin with!!

I would use a blood
Ketone meter. We use the precision xtra. Much more precise as it gives a number and a number range for severness.

I second the advice about blood ketone meters, but you really do not have much to worry about. Ketones develop only when there is no insulin (or not enough insulin) in the body to transfer glucose into cells for energy use. If you're injecting her with insulin and she's responding to it (as the lows indicate), then the insulin is available and she is not producing ketones.

However, other conditions can lead to fruity breath. Has your daughter been losing weight? Has she ever been tested for celiac?

Hi… i’m also haveing problems w/ my son & high amounts of keytones… i hope that we will learn about this…