Same issues here

I've been having the same issues.
I've been on shots for many years and have been pumping for about 5 here.
Originally on the straight insets, but they weren't going in.
I'm on the angled ones now, but have been thinking about going to the metal.
I have to change every other day sometimes more often.
I use the IV prep pads which help make my skin sticky and I also use the IV tape over my insets. I just cut a hole in it to allow for removal of the pump.
I have no signals to tell me when it's gone bad except the major spikes in blood sugar.
I have noticed that I have better luck using my arms now and bad luck using my stomach area. I've tried some on my thighs but it's a hit or miss situation.
Anyone have any ideas as to other places I might be able to access. I'm running out of sites.
I was on humulog but insurance wouldn't cover it anymore so switched to Novalog or whatever it's called. I haven't noticed any major changes.

All this time of pumping I thought it was me doing something wrong.

I switched to metal sets recently, jewels, and I love them! They are a lot easier to insert than I thought they would be. You just have to think about where to insert them so you can detach. I started a thread about that:

Zoe, help for the ignorant -- could you explain metal sets vs. the alternative?

Not really relevant for me, I'm on the Omnipod so there's no choice but the soft plastic cannula the little bugger inserts. But I'm sincerely curious about the particulars of other pump's infusion technology.


Try steel cannulas, you will know instantly if it´s a hit or miss. Site-wise I have noticed that nerves and blood vessels seem to go together. When you insert a new set, gently touch the steel needle tip here and there in the area you want to use, then choose the spot with the least pricking sensation or the spot where it feels completly neutral. Then use some force and push the steel cannula gently all the way down. This way I rarely get bleeders or sites gone bad. I use the 6mm detachable ones, and often use the sides of my stomach almost between shoulder/hip. I couldn´t use this area when on teflon.Good luck. Hope you find a solution you´re happy with.

I'm probably not the best at explaining mechanical things, but I'll try: The metal sets are manually inserted, no inserter, but they are pretty easy to insert and don't really hurt. The advantage to them is they don't bend like the plastic canulas so often do for some of us. Also if someone is allergic to the plastic canulas they solve that problem.