Santa Endo-Claus

Leading up to Christmas, the question on the mind was whether my visit with Santa Endo-Claus would bring me a nicely-wrapped gift or a lump of coal. My A1C would dictate the result, based on whether I'd show up on either the Naughty or Nice Chart. Read about how it all played out over at The Diabetic's Corner Boothand please feel free to share any thoughts you might have!

Er, stress has a lot to do with it! Don't beat yourself up! You have been preparing for Christmas, worrying whether Aunt Hilda will be offended when she opens her gift only to find men's underpants, which you mistakenly labelled while wrapping during a hypo ......! You have been rushing around (hence the hypo), there are many buggies going around and you might have accidentally picked one up ..... Don't worry about it! Take each day as it comes. Your endo might know some tricks, he might know more about diabetes than you do, but he does not know you! Not personally. When you see him and he grumbles imagine him sitting on a toilet with his trousers round his ankles! He might have had a row with his wife, or the person before you. He is human. Take it, and then leave. You are doing well to stay alive! Happy 2011!

Ooops. Have not read the link.

Great job Mike I like your stories keep up the good work, it’s people like you that makes this site so great.Jean