Saved by my Timesulin smart cap!

At 11:30 this morning I walked into the kitchen to see my Lantus Solostar insulin pen still resting on the counter. I take my shot in the morning, and in the morning I take my pen out of a mug I keep it in on my kitchen counter. After I take my shot I put it back in the mug. This has been my method to track whether or not I take my morning shot for the past year.

It seemed odd that my pen would still be on the counter three hours after I usually take my shot. It's not like me to forget to take this shot I take once a day. Although, I must admit, it is like me to sit down at the computer and get so focused on whatever I start doing that I forget everything.

Looking down at my insulin pen I immediately thought maybe I took my shot and forgot to put the pen back in the mug. But I couldn't know for sure -- except I could. A few months ago I was given, by the company, a smart cap they're coming to market with for insulin pens that shows you how many hours have elapsed since you took your last injection. I picked up the pen, looked at the cap and voila - saw indeed 27 hours had elapsed since my last shot. I smiled, and took my shot. This is a little device - no bells, no whistles, just a counter that runs until you remove the cap from your pen and then starts running again when you put the cap back on.

The Timesulin cap is available in Europe (like everything!) but not here yet. But, the company is planning a summer launch in the US. If you want to check it out now you can go to their web site:

Thank you Timesulin! ;-)

Hi Riva, thanks for this post. I do have a question. I use a Solostar pen for my Levemir. Some of my doses need to be even numbered units and some are 1 1/2 units. I use a pen needle for the even numbers and remove the uneven ones with a syringe. I wonder if the Timesulin Smart Cap would know about the uneven, syringe drawn doses. Either way, it sounds like a very useful device for most insulin pen users.

Trudy, 8 seconds after you remove the cap it resets to zero. As soon as you put the cap on it starts counting again. So, even if you're removing the cap to stick a syringe in the pen, it will stop counting and reset.

Great! Thanks for the info -- I want one of those.

Awesome. I need one of those thx

This is an amazing device.

Thanks for letting us know.

This is a great device but it will not remember the units. Instead it will remember the period of time between now and the last use - which is helpful without doubts. Another great pen is the NovoPen Echo. It will remember the units and the hours that have passed since the last shot: