Timesulin Caps

Hi all. I just got my new caps for my Novo pens. As a relatively recent T1 who so far have resisted the pump (travel almost non-stop through Asia where airport security can be stressful and they're not used to strange things like pumps...), I am doing about 4-6 shots a day. It can be tricky when changing time zones (Asia, Middle East, Europe, US...) to remember how long it's been since I took my last shot, especially the basal.

I am in no way affiliated with this company, just thought I'd give a heads-up on an inexpensive way of keeping track of time. Search for 'Timesulin' and you should hit their website and shop (guessing links are not popular). They don't seem to ship all over the world, but that may be overcome?

Best regards to all.

When you change the time zone do you stay on the same rhythm? I think this is easier than adjusting for just a week or two. On the other hand this could mean to inject at night. I imagine that a time zone adjustment wizard would be a nice tool for our Glucosurfer project - I will put it on our wish list...

I think the cap is a good product. It is just that I am on the NovoPen Echo now and that pen comes will all I need (1/2 units and time tracking).

Hi Holger,

I don't change the time much so, yes, it means sometimes having to take my basal during the night. My endo suggested shifting a couple hours either way wouldn't too much of a problem, but I try to stick to the timing. Like the sound of the NovoPen Echo - not sure if it's available here in Asia though...

Excellent product. Useful for T2s on insulin, as well as T1s, oldsters who aren't always remembering by other means or who don't have or haven't developed other bells and whistles. And you don't have to be an oldster to forget, just too busy!

Unfortunately they don't ship to the United States yet. Hopefully they will soon.

Yep. I looked online for availability in US. Not yet.

I've been looking forward to this being available in the US. Keep watching and waiting. I think it will be helpful, although I usually log my injections right away.

I was lucky and had them ship to my parents in Norway and they forwarded to me in Singapore... We sometimes have to resort to US mail forwarding companies when a manufacturer won't ship to Asia - I just did a search and came up with forward2me.com. They will give you a UK address so you can order, and then they forward to you, so to speak :)

Never stop when you think you can't do something. There's always a way.

This sounds promising. I actually have a couple friends overseas and might just handle it that way.

I had the best system in the world. The Induo - it was a combination of a tester and your needles all in one. It was GREAT! Kept track of how many hours since your last shot and the needle fit inside the tester so you didn't have too much to carry. I love love loved it and when they stopped making them I called all the company begging for them to send me their old one so that I could keep it a bit longer - they didn't. I would love to give this a try but it's 25 POUNDS!!!! that's $40 Canadian Dollars! HOLY CRAP. That's why I loved the Induo - it was FREE.