Saw Dr today, new hba1c

After my weekend of 2 highs my doctor wanted me to come into his office so we could discuss things. He decided that I needed to test all my basal rates before we make any major changes. He decided to go ahead and do my 3 month labs since they were due in 2 weeks anyway. A1C is 6.0, it is up from what it was 3 months ago at 5.4. Not happy it went up but hey still in non diabetic ranges so control is still excellent. Everything else came back normal. So now I just get to do the long nights of basal testing and the days of basal testing to see if we can really tweak my numbers. Sighs, if only I had a CGMS this would make life so much easier, but my insurance won’t even consider paying for one. On the heart front, doesn’t look good on staying off the heart meds. BP is great but my heart rate was 128. Dr. wants me monitoring it at home and if it is still this high come wed he wants to talk to my heart doctor about going back on the beta blocker. :frowning:

Thanks Judith. My Dr. is amazing. I called him last night cause I was at 218 for the second day in a row and it was just killing my body. He could tell in my voice it was bad and he hadn’t heard me sound that bad since I was in the 400-500s. I could have swore I was that high based on how I was feeling. It is amazing how the body adapts to certain levels and when it goes out of whack it reacts violently sometimes. I actually downloaded my pump readings and went through them looking for a pattern and I came up with a treatment plan for him to look at based on my readings and he read through it and was like wow, this sounds great. Just glad he doesn’t mind me basically taking control of the diabetes, basically all he is is someone to prescribe my meds and for me to consult when I feel like changing something. There has never been one time he hasn’t trusted my isntinct.

Cody you are doing a great JOB! I am curious to see how your basal rates are…my morning bg’s off been high not as high as your but still a little high. I put a call into my Endo’s…please keep me posted at what you find…

My morning numbers are between 118 and 163, my doctor is ok with that, but I am not ok with it at all. I tend to be a perfectionist and if my numbers are just barely over 120 I correct. My dr. actually got on to me today when he found out I was upset about the HBA1c.

Hi Cody! Your Dr.'s right :slight_smile: that’s a GREAT A1c!! But I can also understand not wanting it to ever go up…

Ah, basal testing… I talk about the need to do it more often than I do it! Yes, CGMS would make life easier. Until then know that you’re not the only one getting up all night to test their blood sugars. I’ll think of you this week when I do the same!

Hope that you can prevent those crumby highs!