I had been feeling sort of off and werid all day today. Well, tonight I took my novorapid (4 units and 60 carbs), and I was sitting watching The Voice, and all the sudden I could feel my heart beat fast. I counted it and it was 100bpm, which I didnt think was normal! I tested and my BG was 11.4 (I had eaten an hour before), so I thought I was fine. The I got up to get some cold water and my left arm started going numb, and then the whole left side of my body felt numb. I thought I was having a stroke at age 19! I’m not even unhealthy! I didnt test again during this, and my mom grabbed me an orange juice to drink because I was crying! I tested fifteen minutes later and my BG was 11.9 (Only up 0.5 units from the OJ!) Obviously my BG just plummeted all of a sudden. I have had low BG before (2.5) and I didnt have that severe of symptoms! I never thought my BG could go down so rapidly, and It’s scary!

It can and it does! It happens to me quite frequently! I do not get symptoms or warnings until I am below 2, but sometimes if it drops quickly then I can feel hypo at a much higher level.

Other than that it could have been a panick attack - these can come on without warning and can feel as though you are having a heart attack or stroke. You do not always have to be thinking about anything. They are horrible, but can be calmed down by taking deep breaths in through the nose, holding it and then breathing slowly out through your nose!

Breathing into and out of a paper bag also helps to reduce the amount of oxygen in your body.

Hope you are ok now.

Yikes, that does sound frightening! I have had lows like that before where the meter was telling me I was fine, but I had obvious low symptoms. Whenever that happens, I listen to my body and not the meter. In most of those instances, when I retest after treating, I am either a tad lower than my initial test or about the same (as you were). I was told that it’s likely in those cases my body is feeling the low before the “low” blood reaches my finger tips. And, yes, I too get numbness sometimes in my arms and legs. I also get a tingling sensation around my mouth/lips that only happens when I’m low.

I have had mini strokes, and that is what it sounds like to me. Could be something else, but maybe not. It might be advisable to have someone take you straight to an emergency room at the onset if another episode of this happens. If you wait for an ambulance it might pass and be missed for a diagnosis by the time you get to the hospital. Mini strokes are serious at any age (my first occurred in my 40’s), and if it is not a mini stroke, an emergency room trip could possibly tell what the problem is. Each of my mini strokes got progressively worse. Now that I know what the symptoms are, I ‘chew’ an adult aspirin immediately. If nothing else I would suggest calling your doctor about this soon. I do not want to sound alarming, but it will not hurt anything to call your doctor.