Feeling a little LOW....?

I am not sure what’s going on for the past week I have been getting the shakes, like I am low. I check my BG’s and I it’s at 89. I have never felt low at 89 before until now. I always felt low at anything below 70 not 89. I am not sure what’s going on and I don’t have an Endo appointment until next month…If anyone reads this please let me know what this could be or if I should worry…

Thank you

Kristin- thanks for the advice…lol I meant to put this in the Forum, not my blog…hahaha

That happens to me sometimes. It may be that you were coming down a little faster than usual, that always makes me shaky. Another possibility is that your BG was still dropping. have you tried testing 15 minutes after you see the 89 to find out if you were on your way down. How is your blood pressure? I get positional hypo tension (dizzy after standing up quickly) which can feel similar to a low. One last point- I sometimes get shaky after caffeine or after a lack of caffeine.

Try another meter!!! Open a different container of strips.

Is it possible either sat in the heat too long?

I had a bad vial of strips when I started insulin and was getting all the symptoms of hypo but reading normal. No one picked it up, but when I went the lab my meter was reading 40 mg/dl higher than lab!

I also have that happen on occassion when I am “on my way” down.

I will try using another meter, I should have opened a another vial of strips…I never think logical when I need too!

My blood pressure is outstanding:) It’s weird because I eat pretty much the same thing and for some reason I have been feeling this way. I can say this it hasn’t happened since I posted…let’s hope it doesn’t come back again.