Scared and lost

I feel a flood of emotion in regards to this. I was told by an ER doctor I was type2 diabetic when I was 19. I am close to my 24th birthday now and it’s hit me. It took that long b/c I have been in denile this whole time. I just got married 3 weeks ago to the guy that held my hand that night and told me everything would be ok. It hit me I want to bare his children and at this ponit in my life I can’t. My last hgbAic was 11. Im scared and have no idea were to start. I think I gave up before starting to try. I don’t talk to anyone about how I feel b/c i feel they wold not even begin to understand me. So I am hoping to find some one that can. Someone thats been here where I stand at the present time. I know I need to take control of this but I guees im scared. If I take control I would validate the words that ER doctor said 4yrs ago. To me that is one of the scariest things I have ever had to do!

Hello Claudia: :o)

Welcome to TuDiabetes. We’re Glad that you are here.

You are not the 1st or the last to be in denial for many years. But you have recognized yourself as being a Person with Diabetes…that is Very important. You have a Big chance now to take control of your Diabetes.

As you know, doing so will save your Life and slow down any complications down the road, for a very long time. You have to do it for You first. Then for your deserving Husband and then for your future Children.

You’s are just Newlyweds…A Big Congratulations…:o)…so Children can wait. (You have a Really cute Baby right now, btw. What is his/her name?). Just take small steps in getting your sugars down or it will overwhelm you.

I am a Type 1 so I will let the many Wonderful Type 2’s on this site, advise you. You’re not alone here. There is also tons of Good information to read up on here and recommended books too.

Take Good Care. I wish you Well.

You will be able to do this! I’ve had the beast 41 years now, and recently began seeing a CDE and a nutritionist for the first time in years! They have helped me a LOT, and I highly recommend finding professionals who are caring AND knowledgable. and then, come here often - there are lots of great folks here, and they all GET IT!

Dear Claudia,

Yes, we know how you feel. Sometimes it seems easier to ignore diabetes than to face it… but it is much easier to face it when you know that you are not alone:

You are not alone!!!

I’m so glad that you turned to this community for help. I hope that you will find the support, ideas, and inspiration that you are looking for here!

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 21. Now I am 26 and just got married last year. We would also like to have kids… perhaps in the next few years. It is so important to get good control over your blood sugar before you get pregnant! But our future children can motivate us to do amazing things!! You can get better control. You just need to take it one step at a time. Find one manageable thing that you can do to improve your control…

One thing that came to my mind immediately is that your should get tests to confirm that you are type 2. If your doctor orders a c-peptide test (to check how much insulin your body produces) and an antibody test (to determine if your diabetes is caused by an autoimmune reaction). Many people are mistakenly diagnosed as type 2, when they are actually type 1 or LADA and they require insulin to treat their diabetes. Do you know if you had these tests?

Please keep us posted on how you are doing!! We find great strength in supporting each other here!!