Unplanned pregnancy im scared :(

hi my name is amber rayburn…ill be 23 next month… i have been a t1 diabetic for almost 12 years… i was recently married last feb. 14th to a whonderful marine who just got back from afghanistan a month in a half ago… and i recntly found out i was pregnant … last night actually … i am so scared for my baby … because i have had poor control of my diabetes … but in a wierd way i have also been doign better at testing since my husband got back… i have never been prego before and im so scared … me and my husband are so happy this blessing has happend but we did not plan this … and im scared cause i read diabetics should always plan… …

im scared something will go wroung and it will be my fault and i dnt think i could ever forgive myself if that were to happen im going to the dr tomarrow… maybe today if my husband gets off early enough… i have no clue what to expect

i just wanna hear that it will be ok …

hi rebel rita… thank u so much for ur support it helps alot to hear ill be ok… i def see this as a blessign from god…

i have not tried the sensor im not sure what it is … …

i love teh name u call u i feel the same lol

Amber, you’ll be okay. Pregnancy is terrifying as is, and adding diabetes makes it even more jumbled, emotionally. I know how you feel - I’m also a type 1 diabetic (23 years for me) and I’m almost 6 months pregnant. At first, I was in a panic because my numbers weren’t perfect and my control wasn’t optimal, but I think that knowing you’re pregnant now, you can make every effort to get into better control for your little one. (Who is so lucky to have you as a mommy, because it’s clear that you care about him or her so much already!)

Keep up with all your doctor’s appointments, control your numbers as well as you can, and please, enjoy this baby. If you have any questions about being diabetic and pregnant, I’m happy to help as best I can (this is my first time pregnant, too, so I’m also very green about the whole thing!) - and good luck!!!

I’ve had diabetes 13 years and have 3 kids, 11, 8 and 5. The more quickly you can keep your blood sugars under good management, the better. The thing to remember is long term high blood sugars are the issue, occasional ones happen. Its a ton of work to keep those numbers low, and the lower the better for most high risk obs.

Find a good high risk ob who specializes in diabetics, talk with your endo and get them all on the same page. The more people you have helping you with this the better. Unplanned pregnancies happen, and this could be the kick in the pants you need for yourself to be better at your management.

Good luck!!

I have a wonderful healthy daughter who is now 10 months old. I also had an unplanned pregnancy, in fact due to some medical issues I didn’t even find out I was pregnant until I was 7 months along and she was born a few weeks after that as a 6 week old preemie. So I had hardly any prenatal care but unlike you my Diabetes was under tight control. Do what your ob wants you to do and focus on getting those sugars down. Your baby will be fine.

First of all, congratulations!!!

I have been a type 1 for 27 years, and am also pregnant for the first time.

I am glad to hear that you are going to the doctor tomorrow. I am sure the doctor will help you make a plan to get everything under control quickly and will help relieve some of your fears. If not, then my first recommendation is to find a doctor who is willing to work with you to make this little baby and you, the mom, as healthy as possible.

Balancing all of the diabetes things AND pregnancy is definitely a challenge, but it can be done. There are lots of good examples to follow out here in the DOC … I am following their leads and doing my best to be one of them, too!

Wow Amber! Congratulations…what wonderful news. You’ll be fine. You want to take care of yourself and your baby and you will. Your wonderful husband is home…it will all be OK.

Thanks to you and your husband from all of us. My father was a Marine a long time ago and I know lots of Marine wives here in FL. We appreciate everything you go through.

What a wonderful positive responses you are getting … I never made it to be a MOM …you hang in there girl …congrats to M. and D.
Getting married on Valentines may beat getting married on Groud Hog Day :wink: …this gal 25 years this Feb …to top it off : we will be in the USA , celebrating .
Keep on testing …and be well .

i cant thank you all enough for all ur replys i truly feel so good and i am def feelign so positive on keeping my diabetes in check for me and my baby :slight_smile: its still so sureal … i cant THANK YOU ALL ENOUGH!!! i knew if i came to tudiabetes i would get the help i was lookign for thank you

Congratulations! The best things in life are unplanned.

You & your little one will be fine. You’ll take very good care of yourself & have a great pregnancy.

Hey Amber - I am sooooo HAPPY for you!!! From all the replies you’ve gotten and I would have written the same thing as many have so far, you will do fine :slight_smile:

Hmm, better get started on another baby quilt :wink:

Congratulations! You and your baby will be happy and healthy. What a wonderful time for you and your hubby. Enjoy every minute. Just wait until you hold that beautiful baby for the first time…PURE HEAVEN. So, very happy for you.

Tight control is SO important! My endo told me about people with really high A1c’s who got into control during pregnancy and did fine. Test often and keep a log so that the doctors can help you adjust your pump settings if need be!

Also, we have a group for pregnant women here. Also, I highly recommend the email list: Positive Diabetic Pregnancies
There are many diabetic moms on the email list and if you any question, they will be happy to answer is and are very supportive.

Take care!!

Congradulations Amber!!! I had 2 girls unplanned and I’m a Type 1 too! That was a few years back now my Amber is giving me my 3rd grandchild!!! She’s a Type 1 too! All unplanned. Yes we must plan but pllease get tight control while you are prego’s and that will help you alot!!! GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN WITH THIS!!!

Amber, I am glad you found out early enough and am happy your expecting a little bundle in the months ahead. But I had a friend who went through the same thing years ago and with no problems, but please plan, and follow the doctors advice to the letter and you will have a wonderful time and a beautiful baby in the process. Take care and you have someone to ask here as well with the ADA.

i’ve never been pregnant but i have a best friend who is type one and she had a child. besides tight control make sure you keep your stress under control as well!! make sure you take deep breaths and don’t beat yourself up too much. listen to the doctors and take it day by day, don’t let yourself get stubborn when they are correcting your actions, they are only helping you and your child. i wish you the best of luck!! keep us posted because i’m always interested in hearing other type one pregnancy stories!! congrats!!

Amber, I’m almost 35 weeks pregnant (24 days left to my c-section, not that I’m counting…). You’re going to be alright. The most important thing to do is not get stressed out - that’s only going to spike your sugars. :slight_smile:

You now have really great motivation to test frequently (every 2-3 hours during waking hours, if you can), jump all over highs above 140 as SOON as you notice them, and take better care of yourself. What you’ve done up until now does NOT matter. What you do from this point forward does. I had terrible numbers for nearly 15 years of my 20 with type 1, but I am a model pregnant diabetic. Your docs will be tough on you for the sake of the baby (TRUST me), but listen to them, take it to heart, and let them check on you often. The most important numbers to watch right now are your numbers at 1 and 2 hours post-meal. Don’t let them go higher than (they’ll say) 140, but I say 160-180 or so. Be realistic, but work hard.

I started seeing the OB when I was about 9 weeks along and the high risk OB (perinatalogist) at 13 weeks. Since then, I’ve seen them each every 4 weeks, then every 2, and now both of them every week. I have constant feedback about how the baby is doing. They run tons of tests. They’re honest with you about their concerns. I have a feeling you’re going to be well taken care of. Contact me if you have any questions.

And definitely check out the links Kristin gave you.

Hi Amber

Congrats first of all.

it WILL be ok. But now you have to watch what you eat, drink, etc. But only for the next 9 months. You want a good healthy baby, you are a strong woman. Get help from the docs you need and you will be soooooo happy. Get that diabetes under control. It is scary being preggys without diabtes, but you can do this and do it very well. Then you may realize all you have to live for and get those numbers down. Hang in there. I have a feeling you can do very well with the right help.

Happened to me, too. My third child (and I was 39!). She is just fine.
The doctors have a really good system in place now and will get you through it.
Congratulations to you and your husband,

I’ve been Type I since 1980 and have three kids (my oldest just turned 6)… Thanks to Steel Magnolias I was in shock when I got pregnant and thought all the worst and I was in shock when I was able to have kids in my 30’s as I thought all my woman parts were broken the same way my pancreas was broken. I can tell you that it is possible to have children. Make sure you get a high-risk ob - they are wonderful and give the correct attention Type 1 Diabetics need. Another fun thing is that you get weekly ultrasounds toward the end of the pregnancy (more chances to watch your baby grow). Hang in there. I know it’s scarey, I was scared to death with each pregnancy - especially toward the end of the pregnancy. It helps to have a high-risk ob who also constantly reassures you that everything is going to be fine (which mine did on a monthly basis).