SD in the 20s?

I was talking Delta not standard deviation.
So an average person has a delta of 60.

But I was also trying to point out I use 55-160 as my normal range so it’s difficult to compare when people have different normal ranges


We can all be so different. I personally don’t like to aim for TIR 70-140. My preferred range is 65-160 and I have a SD of 19 right now. That’s just me though. What happens for me is while I am given warnings by my alerts before it happens, it becomes harder to achieve the 100% day aiming for 70-140. Once I am not 100% for the day, I don’t care if I break the range again for that day. I like achievable results that are fairly easy for me to achieve on a daily basis.

I am 96% TIR between 70-140, 98% TIR between 70-160 and 99% TIR between 65-160. With an SD right now of 19. I eat what I want as long as it’s vegan, although most of my diet consists of healthy foods like veggies, fruits, whole grains, beans etc. Being retired really helps

Better tools are helpful. Afrezza looks like it could be one of those tools to add to make staying in range easier. I had a small piece of lemon cake with some seitan and forgot to dose and I didn’t realize it until I was at 123 with an arrow slanted up. And it was, uh oh, going to dose and headed for my exercise bike and decided to try Afrezza again. I also dosed some, but wow, I ended up staying in range! Using Afrezza can be a game changer. I had tried it a couple of times about a month ago but I had a major allergy flare up and I wasn’t sure if it was the Afrezza that caused it or something else. Crossing my fingers I get to use it when I want!



So with Afezza, if you pump? Do you keep track of iob? My Endo won’t prescribe Afrezza as he says I can keep track with a pump?!

To include Afrezza in your pump IOB, just disconnect at your infusion site quick disconnect, shoot the equivalent Afrezza dose into the air and then reconnect. I use 2 units of liquid insulin as equivalent to my 4-unit Afrezza dose. Your endo would try my patience!

I’ve been using Afrezza since 2015 and consider it an important tool in my glucose management kit. It gets involved quickly, reduces glucose, and then gets out. I use Afrezza for corrections only.

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I’m a fellow type1 and have found Weight Watchers to work really well for me. It allows you to eat what you want, just have to modify the way you eat carbs for your individual needs. It never says never. I don’t work for them or anything, I just thought I’d share my thoughts on it. I’ve learned that it’s not good for me to go to low on carbs. My body needs them and there are healthy carbs.

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@Lcakes1 Yes, I use Humalog in my Omnipod pump.

I’ve only used Afrezza about 3 times total so far and I used it instead of pumping a certain amount of insulin. Afrezza leaves the system faster so for me IOB isn’t a factor. I “sugar surf” anyways. I’ve used outside pump sources of insulin before and it’s never been a problem.

I don’t think I would get along with an endo that makes a decision for me about what I want to use unless there was a specific medical reason they had. We are stuck with this disease for life, so it’s nice to be able to have any tools that make it easier.

Yes, I am seeking a new Endo!