Searching Endocronologist in CT & Dr Bernstein

I'm looking for a new Endocronologist in CT. I don't care how far I have to drive. Here is what I'm looking for:

- who listens to me

- who will take the time to look at my charts and explain what is happening

- who does not believe in MEDICATE MEDICATE MEDICATE

- who lets me research things on my own

- If I find something I want to try, will not just negate it because he didn't think of it on his own

- Will let me take the reins on my diabetes care, but will offer suggestions that maybe I didn't think of

- Will read my letters that I send monthly and will have answers to my questions when I come for my 3 month check up

- Who will not dismiss my concerns or talk over me

- Who will not be absentminded during our visits.

I am very involved in my diabetes care and will chart and ask millions of questions. If the Endo's life were in someone else's hands on a daily basis, I'm sure THEY would ask millions of questiosn as well. I need the Endo to understand that i only get this ONE life and that I don't want to f it up!

Anyone know any Endos with these magical capabilities in CT?

After my type 1 diagnosis 1 and 1/2 years ago, I went to a highly recommended endo on Park Ave. in NY. She was all doom and gloom, warning me that my diabetes would certainly get worse, no matter what I did. I decided to see Richard Bernstein, in Mamaroneck, NY. As you no doubt know, his approach is a very low carb diet, combined with intensive insulin therapy. It’s very rigorous, but has absolutely worked for me. He is definitely opinionated, but has always been ready to listen to my questions, consider my needs, and take the time necessary to explain things to me. I feel as though I’ve learned so much from him, and also feel like I’m the one in control of my disease, not some busy and uncaring endo. I would highly recommend him.

Wow. That’s really not that far. It’s right at the bottom of the state, but should only take me about 1 hour 45 mins to get there. I didnt know that he was an endo still? After writing this book? I have his book, but have not read it fully yet.

How is he when it comes to bedside manner? Does he seem rushed? In a hurry?

I had an Aunt and Uncle that lived in Mamaroneck. The only place closer to CT than Mamaroneck is CT. It is right between New Rochelle and Harrison/Rye NY. If I could see Dr. B I would. Ann’s experience is probably typical. There are a number of people on Dr. B’s board that have described their experience as patients. He is fairly rigid and he is demanding. He expects you to spend literally a day or two as a new patient as he evaluates you and teaches you his methods. Some people just stay at a hotel. If you want to find your own way in certain key dimensions (like diet), you won’t get much sympathy or understanding from Dr. B. But understand, he became a Dr. because the medical establisment let him down. He is very smart and he does respect diabetics who think on their own and take leading responsibility for their health. His preferred model is to teach you all he has to offer and then he will consult with you, often on the phone. He becomes your advisor. Don’t expect him to be particularly tech savy and write emails and stuff. As a final note, Dr. B does not accept insurance, but if it were practical for me to see Dr. B, I would. I am sure Ann can correct any mistakes I made.

Currenlty, I have Dr Diez in Enfield / Hartford. He is very good and has taught me a lot in the past three years that I’ve been seeing him. But, he is a bit absent minded. He will make slips such as “Lantus” instead of “Levemir” or “Novolog” instead of “Humalog”. When Lantus nearly KILLED me, I get a little miffed when he slips up. Also, he disregards a lot of my suggestions and sometimes talks over me. When I first started seeing him, he was very gentle and had all the time in the world. However, now it seems like he is overloaded and he doesnt listen when I explain symptoms and such. He is always in a rush. This bothers me very much. He also disregards a lot of the questions that I have. I will ask, and then I feel like I’m being waved off.

I’ve also had Dr Domenichini in Hartford. He didn’t have a CLUE about type 1. He may have been good for type 2s, but when he told me “oh, you’re running a little high in the afternoon? Just raise your insulin by 20 points. You’ll be okay.” I switched Endos… and fast.

Your description of Dr. B is very accurate. He has little patience with people who don’t want to do it “his way”, and this can be offputting at first – until you try it and realize that “his way” works! After seeing him, I feel that I have a real handle on how to manage this disease, and having that confidence is invaluable. It is true that he doesn’t accept insurance, so be prepared to fight with your insurance company. Mine ended up not paying for any of his charges, but even paying out of pocket was totally worth it for me.

Ann - thank you!
Stupid insurance. I wonder why?
I will call him, though

Understand. Dr. B himself does not expect insurance. You pay him. You may or may not have his charges accepted as out of network by your insurance, and expect that your insurance company will only accept a fraction of the charges as allowable.

To get a flavor for how he is y ou can watch a few videos of Dr. B:

And you can visit and get a package of his educational materials. You can also listen to some of his podcasts at the same site.

I’m watching all these videos on YouTube and there are a lot of type 1s who are “normal” size and they aren’t getting the results they were hoping for? Do you know if this is an issue?

it sounds like so much work and so much money, but if it’s not going to moderate my BG, then I’m worried about starting it.

I’m not sure what you mean. Are there videos about normal size t1s that are seeing Dr. B or using his methods that are not getting results? Can you post a pointer?

Yes, I agree, it is hard work and more money, but I think you will be hard pressed to find examples of people who really did what Dr. B said and did not achieve “good” results.

I think you are right to consider the tradeoffs in your quality of life. I think there is some a tradeoff in how strict you are (and how that might negatively impact your quality of life) versus your BG control. Make no mistake, 6-12-12 is strict, but everything I’ve seen idicantes it gets results.

ps. I just looked, I can only find two other Berstein video, one with a really interesting debate between Wolpert of Joslin and Dr. B and another of Dr. B totally slapping down of Hope Warshaw (check out when he “teaches” her about bread). Pointers please.


Here’s a link to a girl who tried the stuff for one month
I don’t know if she was, in fact, not cheating and whatnot, but she mentioned the cost being $1000 per month? And having to get shots at every office visit?

Sorry- didnt’ mean for this to turn into a debate about his methods. Was really just looking for better Endos in my area. haha.
But, in all fairness, I DO want to know more about his methods anyway. I WANT to be better.

As far as strictness- I barely EVER eat anything. I don’t generally like food anymore. I feel sick all the time. However, I am scared of medicine (not sure how i feel about those injections?) And since I don’t like food, I want to make sure that preparing stuff is going to be relatively easy (at least at first). Once I get the hang of what kinds of foods I’m allowed to eat and stuff, then I would probably end up making more extravagent meals.

I want to get checked for gasteoprosis (spelling?) or Celiacs. Because I definitely have issues with foods that I ate 5 hours ago still spiking my BG randomly later on in the night. Dr B said he can diagnose that?


This girl’s video is not about Dr. Richard Bernstein. There’s another Dr. Bernstein who’s a weight loss doctor. I can’t remember that Dr. Bernstein’s first name, but you can Google “Dr. Bernstein Weight Loss” to see what that doctor’s about with high monthly fees, injections, etc. People get them confused frequently.

Dr. B’s initial, two-day consult is $6000. Half is due upon making the appt. The other half at the time of consult. Follow-up phone consults are $8/minute, yes per minute. Yep, he doesn’t take insurance. If your insurance will cover part, you can file the claim yourself.

My gastroparesis was diagnosed because I have the same situation as yours. I went low after eating & then highs 5-7 hours later. My endo didn’t think a gastric emptying study was worth it because gastroparesis is unpredictable. My doc went by my logs. I now take insulin after eating & was switched to Regular because it last longer. I have Apridra to correct highs & Regular for meals.

In his book, Dr. B says he can diagnose gastroparesis using a R&R study.

OMG. Stop. This is not Dr. B. That diet is from Dr. Stanley Bernstein ( I believe the diet everyone complains about is his “medically supervised” starvation diet where you get shots (HCG I believe) to help you burn fat while starving. Don’t do that. That is not Dr. Richard Bernstein and that is not his diet.

I am sorry for the confusion. In truth, Dr. B has marketed himself in certain ways over the last few years with a paid website and selling his materials, but they are hardly expensive. You can order a 5 cd set on Dr. Bs education program for $129, while more expensive than a Harry Potter audio book, hardly a rip off.

Before you go a commit to seeing Dr. B, check him out. Check out his forum ( You can buy his education material or even join his paid web site. Far better to be informed, than go and spend a lot of money on an extensive endo visit if he is not for you.

Again, I’m sorry for the confusion.

omg that clears up a LOT. I was weirded out that she was talking about her mom going on the diet too, and then i was going to ask her “is your mom diabetic too?” haha. I was wicked confused, but it was linked to the Dr Bernstein YouTube video link that you posted, so I just assumed. I forget that YouTube kind of links EVERYTHING together instead of filtering facts and stuff.

Got it.

Will do more research. haha. Thanks.

wow $6000 is a LOT. Sounds like it’s worth it, though.

Your doc sounds like he listens to you- and that is SO important. I really need my Endo to start sharpening his ears before he comes in to the office to see me. I’ve been compalining about these symptoms for years and he just keeps changing my basal dosages. I’m a mess. A BG disaster.

I asked him about using Humalog for meals and then Apidra for corrections. He said it wasn’t necessary.

I KNEW I wasn’t going crazy! I’m a smart girl. gah! Makes me so angry.

Marps, I don’t know where in CT you are, but I go to the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center in Manhattan. It’s at Columbia University Medical Center and it’s really amazing. They are a total care facility which means endos, CDEs, nutritionists, ophthalmologists, podiatrists, psychologists – everyone focusing on diabetes.

They’re extremely progressive and I love it there:

Sophie- Thank you! I am willing to travel to Manhattan. I go there about three times a year just for fun anyway. :slight_smile:

Very expensive, but he’s worth every penny. Assuming that you’ve read his book. $8/minute consults is also steep because patients are expected to check in monthly.

My doc didn’t listen until I badgered him non-stop. Why am I low after eating & high six hours later & it’s NOT my basal. He wanted to raise basal & I knew that wasn’t it. I’d have crashed & burned on higher basal doses. Like everyone, I researched until I found something. He then agreed it was probably gastroparesis & looked at my logs again. I don’t eat wheat or prepared foods, so I didn’t think it was celiac.

Gerri- Thanks so much for the information. Hopefully after I attack my Endo in the next two weeks, we will figure out what’s wrong with me.