Searching for good Endo in my area - Fort Wayne, Indiana

I have been a type I diabetic for the past 27 years and on my insulin pump for the past 12. Had an awesome endo up until a few years ago when he retired. I am NOT happy with my current doctor. She is a general practioner and I was referred to her. I won’t go into that because the list of problems could go on for pages. Someone suggested I come here for suggestions. So, anyone?? I saw a post from last year for the same thing and noone responded. I don’t want to randomly pick a doctor off of a list.

Dana Trent

Hopefully others can chime in with specific information, but I can give you a general approach.

I also had trouble with my previous endo and discussed my methods for finding a new endo.

There are a number of sites that will let you look up endochronologists in your area. You can then look through the ratings sites to see what people say about the doctors (I discuss this in my methods discussion above). When I looked at the comments about my old doctor, I found comments that echoed exactly the problems I had. When I read the comments about my new endo, I found key information about her, she was a good listener, she was sharp and she really had patient centered care. On the other hand, she often ran very late, as much as 2-3 hours because she often spent extra time with patients when they needed help. Certainly a negative for some, but I consider that wonderful, I just schedule my appointments for first thing in the morning.

I have always found the site: really helpful. You can put in a search for an endo in your area. Read the patient reviews with a grain of salt as some folks are just hysterical. But you will get a good idea if the endo is decent or not.


A long drive, but I am in Dayton, OH and go to an endocronologist at Bull Family Diabetes ( I find their office’s goals to be to help me and provide objective advice.

Well, if you are willing to travel to Dayton, you might also consider the Joslin Center at Southview Hospital.