Seated Tai Chi

Witnessed many classes over.time. Some good, much… imho less.than could be. Long as.anybody can stay with it consistently, enough time you trim off the excesses… hopefully anyway.

The one thing I’m comfortable with, it ain’t for.many. Subtle, slow, careful… hard stuff… at high levels or self defense fast is fine and appropriate even. Insufficient time for longer practice, I guess, why not?

But I get your point… real skill difficult to build. But good fun, challenging gotta be if it’s a living art. Sloppy, mushy New-agey Tai chi, not a huge fan… lots love it but my background won’t permit… wish I could sometimes.

Jou Tsung Hwa Through Sydney Austin influenced the.practice I encountered but was not tai-chi. Learned a tiny bit about the internal, the slow, the precise necessary for effect. Inches matter.seriously… too low, too extended, bad positions… not ideal. Someday ill find a local teacher… not yet though. Sigh.