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Has anyone else tried Dr.; Paul Lam’s Tai Chi for Diabetes? I bought the dvd a few weeks ago and am finding it helpful.

ooh must have a look at this, i used to do tai chi and really enjoyed it, thanks x

How does the Tai Chi for Diabetics program differ from regular Tai Chi?

It seems to be based on the Yang style tai chi, but particularly stimulates certain meridans that will help your diabetes. When I faithfully do it I find my blood sugars are good.

Interesting! I’ve been thinking of doing Tai Chi for years. When I lived in San Francisco people would do it in a park every morning and anyone could just join them, but I never had time. Now I do, so I’ll have to check this out!

I had a friend who passed in Katrina who SWORE that accupuncture helped keep his BG level. So, that makes non-traditional approaches to help assist diet/exercise/insulin very interesting to me.

Interesting. I’m going to check it out. Thanks.

That’s Good to hear. I had been considering Tai Chi or Acupuncture for my RA but I didn’t think either would work for Diabetes though.

Ive been doing Tai Chi for about 3 years now =) I find it pretty helpful for relaxing and restoring my balance… Ive had “balance” problems during the first months after diagnosis…and due to a back accident and surgery I had. We do it once a week with some Asian friends I have in the park (at 5 in the morning…just as we watch the sun rise!). The instructor we have does it for free too!

I teach Dr. Paul Lam’s Tai Chi for Arthritis in my retirement village, have some 80 year olds in my class. When I was diagnosed with diabetes I got his dvd for that disease. I can tell you the Arthritis form is good, I am 70 and have little arthritis, mainly in my thumbs, and that may be carpel tunnel. Several of my pupils too say that the tai chi helps them move more freely. When I am more confident in the diabetes form I will teach that in my class. Teena, I went completely haywire after my diagnosis. Lost the plot almost completely for about 3 weeks.

Hello Pastelpainter:

Old thread, new year. How goes the Tai Chi Chuan practice? New students for the new year?

Hi Stuart, Happy New Year to you. I am teaching my students the Diabetes Tai Chi now, on the basis that some of them have it and some of them may be in the pre diabetes class. Goes well, so far I maintain my class at about 20 which is large enough for the space we have and for me to teach. I should practice the diabetes form for 10 minutes every day according to Paul Lam, but tend to backslide. Perhaps it is time for a NY Resolution…

Glad you are enjoying it, Judith.

Judith, I really feel for you. It is so sad to lose our mothers, I still feel so terribly sad on Mother’s Day each year. I am sure Tai Chi will help you to heal, sometimes I feel it is like an act of worship to your own body. The strong feeling of peace and calm helps too. Hugs from Maureen.

Hello Pastelpainter:

Thought I’d re-raise this topic see if anybody else had begun using Dr Lam’s Tai Chi… see what they thought of it!!!

I heard about a drink that keeps your sugars in a good range. I forgot what it was called though. I saw it in the newspaper last week. It might have been for just T2s though. Sorry I dont have a lot of info about it, but I thought it was pretty interesting.

There’s always some new snake oil being advertised. Save your money & don’t believe their fabricated testimonials.

Hello Julia:

The question was re: Tai Chi Chuan! (: z (ieNot about drinks)


Hello Gerri:

I’m a SHOW ME kind of guy myself… perhaps because of the diabetes, perhaps not. But if someone can prove standing a certain way, moving a particular speed will reduce my BG, eliminate potential complications then I’m “all in”… whatever it might be!

Regardless given the apparent title of his work I’m hoping for folks who can tell me what he’s actually doing in terms of the what he is actually practicing, (among other things). Tai Chi is rightly called Tai Chi Chuan is an authentic martial art from China, in additiona to being fairly healthy activity.

I’m betting his practice (whatever its receipe) is geared solely towards the latter (ie health) and ignoring the martial entirely… Looking for some technical answers to various questions. If we can find a ~local~ teacher/ex-teacher then all the better.

In a community this large gotta be some folks who have encountered his stuff…

I am a huge fan of Tai Chi. My best days are the ones that start with Tai Chi. Thanks for posting this – I’m going to check out this DVD.