Diabetes and excersise

I know its very important that we keep moving, i have two bad knees, that eventually ill need surgery for…it scares me i cant do much…i live on the third floor of my building and walk up and down a few times a day…i try to walk up and down my block…any ideas??? on how to pick up my excersise…

Hi Christie,

I’d suggest going low-impact. My choice is cycling, which I absolutely love. You can’t get me to do much else in the way of exercise (running, weight lifting, skiing, etc.), but I love to ride my bike. Maybe swimming or swim aerobics might be a good choice. Just find something you love to do, and figure out how to minimize the physical pounding it has on your body.

Cheers and best wishes, Mike

There is an exercise/physical therapy DVD called Strong Knees. It’s a Gaiam production and the exercise instructor is a physical therapist. She does a great job of setting up the exercises and explaining how to avoid putting stress on your knees. I bought this DVD for a friend with a bad knee and just previewed it this weekend before I give it to her. There is no magic solution, but this will probably help alot. You can find the DVD on ebay. I can recommend the ebay seller I used if you would like more information.

biking is out, with the sqishing and cracking of my knees, remember i need knee surgery, total knees on both…they have closed the public pools in our area, conserving on the water here…i do minimal leg raises, and when im feeling good, i go out and try to do something…i knw this all sounds like excuses…i was once a very active women…

sounds like a great idea, i do force myself to walk, until i cant stand the pain anymore…i love the outdoor and to walk…used to walk all over town

Do you a YMCA in your area? Don’t know if you need one, but they are willing to give scholarships for membership.

At least you are willing Christie, that is half the battle.