Second Failed Medtronic Paradigm Pump Since September!

To each his own. I have been pumping for 13 years, 10 with Disetronic pumps and 3 with Animas. I had few problems with my Disetronic pumps and absolutely no prblems with my Animas IR 1250. The support people at Animas have been very good in both knowledge and compasion.
I am a little confused with your statement that your “722 has been perfect for me for 2 years. Even if it did fail every few months…”. It is this type of information which I have heard frequently, that has kept me from trying Medtronic equipment. I do appreciate the R&D that Medtronic has done and continues to do. Also the fact that Medtronic has a larger share of the market means that they are going to have more problems in actual numbers.
Incidentally, I have had diabetes for 58 years, so I have seen many things come and go, and have experienced many, many improvements. I feel that we should encourage anyand every new company/developer in the field rather than dis them.
Thanks for listening, Gary

I’ve been pumping with MM for 6 1/2 years. I have had my pump replaced atleast 8 times. I’ve had a few A33’s, failed battery tests, not receiving from meter or remote, and buttons not working. MM has always been great about troubleshooting and sending a new pump whenever they suspect a problem. Next day delivery is amazing; back in '05 I got an A33 alarm while on a class trip and wouldnt get the new pump for 3 days (nightmare for parents- I was over 800 miles from home) Since we would be traveling on the day that it would arrive and didnt have a place to send it, I had to do shots for the last 4 days of the trip.

We are on my son’s 2nd Paradigm 722 also. The first one failed and failed and failed. They never could explain why. They just went ahead and overnighted us a new one and we sent the old one back. Haven’t (knock on wood) had any problems with the new one. Have had numerous problems with the meter that goes with it, though. The display cracked on it and that was AFTER we had had tons of memory problems with the meter. They replaced that for us, too, with minimal problems and so far so good. We had less problems with his old Disetronic pump!!! We’ve got about 3 1/2 years 'til the next time we can change pumps (our insurance only pays every 5 years).

I’ve had a total of about 6 different pumps starting with the CPI Betatron I - anyone else remembers that one? I have no complaints about Minimed pumps, I’ve had my share of failures and replacements but Minimed has always worked hard to make it work again. As with any other piece of technology, there will always be trouble, it’s how you prepare for it that makes the difference.

I am like your son, I have had a 722 for a year and I have not had any problems with the pump. I hope it stays that way.

I am glad to read all of these posts, because I have gone through 4 MMs in the past 7 years and I thought it was just me. I agree with everyone else that the next day delivery and the customer service are excellent, but it is so annoying to have to start over again and reprogram, etc. I am starting to think about other brands of pumps, but I do like the MM…when it works!