Seeking a fasting health retreat

Does anyone know of any fasting health retreats for Diabetics? I am aware of Gabriel Cousen’s but too pricey for me. I did go to True North Health Center in CA last fall, didn’t do the fast but ate raw foods for two weeks. Numbers were good and I felt really good, hard to keep up if you don’t live in sunny CA with all their wonderful veggies! I am looking for one with a spiritual path as well as the fast and healing. If anyone has any recommendations please let me know. Thank you.

That seems like a really bad thing to do. I’ve talked about Cousen’s before. He was the guy who claimed that a raw/vegan diet “Cured T1.” I’ve also looked into the True North place, I consider them a bunch of new age chiropractors spouting baseless stuff. All this stuff seems to be based around a cabal of animal rights activists with PCRM and PETA at the heart of the racket. If you want to do it because it puts your head back together, fine, but I don’t believe for a minute that fasting or low fat/raw vegan diets are healthy for diabetics. There is a reason that True Health is in California. I don’t think you will find such a fringe organization in a normal/sane area.

But you have to make your own choice on these matters. If you really want advice on where to seek “treatment,” you would be better served by going over to 30bad and talking to the activists over there. You won’t get sound dietary advice, but you will get your raw/vegan ideas reinforced.

Well, I did go to True North and they are very reputable with physicians on-site who check you twice daily and you may also make appointments to see additional physicians there. They did complete medical history and blood work and you don’t have to fast you can just eat a healthy diet . My blood sugars did quite well and I was down to 1 metformin per day as opposed to 3. I felt great and had lots of energy and enjoyed the food. I was salivating for salads for breakfast and Santa Rosa is a great town to be in. I was seeking a place that offered the same but looking for a more spiritual place but am considering going back to True North again. Raw and vegan is hard to do, particularly living in the north without access to fresh veggies and fruits but overall I would recommend True North.