Seeking survey participants with type 2 diabetes

The folks at Bringing Science Home are currently working on a project to learn about stress and coping in adults with Type 2 Diabetes. They are looking for people with Type 2 Diabetes who are between the ages of 18-50, to take part in a brief survey. The survey is available in both English and Spanish and has been approved by the University of South Florida’s Institutional Review Board (IRB # Pro00014521).

Take the survey

I took the survey.

Did it. I only do the ones recommended here at TuD. I did one that wasn't and got harassing phone calls to buy diabetes-related products!.....

I don't do many surveys because I love ambiguity, so I am a very bad test subject. I realize it is difficult to construct these questions. Here are a few places that were too shallow for my Being:

Something about what I learned---I already knew all that from other grief-events. Really didn't need The D to pile it on.....

Healthcare coverage: A missing category. My hubby and I lived with no insurance for more than a decade. He got a job with the city with good benefits. I continued as an artist with no insurance, covered by his. In retirement, that is still the case....The closest on your list of choices is "covered by a parent" and as a proud 2nd wave feminist a year away from Medicare, that is a repulsive choice!

Something in the analyzing your doc stuff: When I was dx, I had to instruct my Internal Medicine PCP to give me a pat on the back when I gradually went from a 6.5 to a 4.9 Aic. Took me years to find my family practice doc who embraces my path and receives my knowledge of The D, incorporating it into her practice (I bring her care packages of Bernstein's work and my Joseph's 4-carb flax pitas and she makes her kids pizzas with them!). BUT she knows I know more about MY diabetes than she ever will. SO. I don't expect her to know more than I do......I DO expect her to put the pieces together as my body disintegrates in very complex ways due to fibromyalgia & arthritis & a family history of T2 from my Dad and stroke and kidney disease from my Mom. I trust her. I would never disparage her. But your survey doesn't allow for that relationship of fondness and respect of different knowledge pathways...Good Luck....Judith in Portland

Blessings...Judith in Portland