Kennedys first Sleepover that I didn't freak out

ok I didn't mean for that pic to be that big, BUT, we found that if she just texted me her dexcom and numbers it keeps me from worrying so much, she sent me a screen shot every 8 hours or so, and brought all her stuff with her in case of pod failure ( which does always seem to happen at sleep overs) that combined with the massive amounts of junk food has caused near admissions for her in the past.

I am so thankful for this dexcom and I hope every child with diabetes will be able to get cgm soon.

We are trying a similiar thing with her lunch at school, instead of going to nurses office, she can screen shot her fingerstick and insulin dose and just text it to me.

Her endo says 13 is an ok age to try that, and just to make an endpoint, if she is successful and does not miss more than one bolus a week we'll keep going that way.

What else have folks done for early teenage kids that helps them not have to miss out during school, get to lunch late, etc...

good for you and kennedy! Jacob has his first sleep over about a month ago he texted some info then said his phone was dying with no charger! since I didn't here from him by 11 am the proposed pick up time I went over...plans had changed and they were going to go golfing.. shed a few tears and got his phone charged he is so not good at asking for what he needs and he had a good rest of the day.. I think I probably make the boys mom realize what we mom's of diabetic teens go through, but overall he handled himself well.. it was me of course! Jacob is going to be a sophomore... last year he went to the nurse for the firt 1/2 of the year then the second half after discussing with the nurse we allowed him to test and bolus in the cafeteria he knows to go to the nurse if there is an issue...overall I am backing off on his care as this is what he wants I worked all day today and he was home with his brother I called and asked about his bs he said good.. on check when I got home it was.. I think in a general sense he has this but he would never take it to the next step and adjust settings/ ratios that's my job and I look and still record all his numbers in a log book to see trends and record what I've work I guess I think they need to feel accountable and empowered by making their own decisions, he knows I worry but I try not to show it all to often! I also think it is valuable to not always have hows your bs be my first question and engage him in all things nonD... such a delicate age... now if only he would decide to eat less carbs so his pod would last a full three days.. he may consider this with back to school since changing his pod in the am is a pain in the but so is running out of insulin at school.... always something. glad things are going well! amy

Great to hear from you, we started school with a new diabetes plan and kennedy doesn't go to the nurse at all now. She goes through the line in lunch, sits down whereever she's going to sit, then she looks at her dex and as long as it's not over 200, she boluses off that, and then takes a screen shot of her pod and texts it to me. She is SO happy not to miss out on the beginning of lunch, to be able to sit with everyone else. And she is so happy!! We are going to do the daily screen shots for now, and her endo says as long as she doesn't forget to bolus more than once a week, we'll keep going that way!

this sounds like a good plan, kennedy will be very happy with the vote of confidence you are giving her... those lost moments at the nurses office can weight heavy on the teen psyche good luck with school start up, Monday for Jacob, he is going to try the golf team this year! I am in favor of this for obvious reasons...less vigorous, less time commitment and he can hide his supplies in his golf bag! talk later, amy

Starting at the end of third grade, Caleb would call me and we would decide actions together. I would just let the nurse know.

We did that in fourth grade as well. Texting is preferred, but there is no cell service on campus. :frowning:

You will love the way the communication works and the decreased interruption to class time! There’s no other way to do it, IMO!

My kiddo, diagnosed almost a year ago, now sleeps over at friends occasionally and sets his iPhone alarm for 3 am, and must text us numbers. Once he did not (slept through his alarm) and I thought about getting in the car and throwing rocks at the window until someone came…but of course did not. In the am he was like “what’s the big deal?” He is a super responsible kid so I tried not to get on him too much.

We had a great social worker (comes with our team, which I love) who reminded us to not let too much control go, so that later in teen years we do not have to seize it back from an errant child. I think that’s really good advice. Always be partners, supportive and a bit expectant of number sharing.