Sensor area infection

Hello and sorry if this isn’t the place to post this. I’m a type 2 and recently started using free style libre 2 CGM.
Had no issues with the first 2 sensors but had to remove the third one after 7 days as it was causing me pain periodically.
My triceps area is now totally swollen down to my elbow with extreme pain and no movement. My PCP prescribed antibiotics I think it’s Cephalexin. Got me worried now. It’s been a day an a half with no signs of improvement. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks

I’m one of those people who get annoyed when people respond to every question in a medical community with “ask your doctor…”. We’re usually here looking for support beyond what our practitioners have been able to give. But in this case, systemic infections are really scary and spread easily. And that’s what you’ve got if it spread down your arm. Being in constant conversation with your doctor is exactly what you need here. They should be able to advise you if/when you need to go in (usually to the hospital) for IV antibiotics. Infections and diabetes don’t mix well.

It does take time for the antibiotics to work, though. So you you’re in a questionable waiting stage. If you’re concerned, though, or feel like it’s getting worse, better safe than sorry. You should at least be able to talk to one of the doctor’s underlings (nurse, intern, etc…) immediately without waiting for a scheduled appointment.

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Thanks for the prompt response - much appreciated !
I got on antibiotics yesterday so if it doesn’t improve by tomorrow I’m calling my PCP back.
Thanks again !

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Use some neosporin on the site before you insert