Sensor failure then ? one hour into new sensor, now what?

Kennedy had a failed sensor after 5 days of great readings... we replaced it and were one hour into the startup time, when we got the dreaded ??? I am on hold with support now, but anyone have this happen before? we have only had the ??? after many days of wear before, never in the startup period... she had had a very high reading eariler, HIGH, actually due to pod failure at dance class, and she had a massive correction and was probably dropping very fast when the ??? came up, I wondered if this was why the ??? came up before calibration... all ideas and thoughts appreciated... just talked to them they are going to replace both if this second one doesn't come back in about 30 minutes...

I had ??? during the first 2 hours too. This is a firmware glitch. The sensor turned out fine.

thanks! we waited it out and it ended up giving us our two calibration drops after 3 hours of??? today it seems to be ok!

I have learned to be very diligent at trying to keep a "level" blood sugar during startup of a new sensor. I believe you were correct, it was probably secondary to a rapid change in Kennedy's blood sugar and the sensor was not able to keep up. Same thing will happen to me as the sensor ages too, if my sugars swing to rapidly, the ??? shows up until things stabalize. glad to hear it seems to have settled in!

When this has happened to me it sometimes is cause by the sensor being dislodged slightly like catching on my shirt.It doesn't' take much, Often though I can't figure out what happened. I sometimes can get it working by inputing BG numbers again.