Sensor Placement in IV3000

I had some problems with the adhesive sticking on my Dexcom sensor so my CDE suggested that I cut a hole in a IV3000 sheet, put the film down first and then send the sensor wire through the hole in the film. Well, I tried it for the first time tonight and I realized that I miscalculated the placement and missed the hole in the film. If anyone has done this before, I’m wondering if I have any reason to be concerned about any piece of film that may have gone underneath the skin when the needle went in. Of course, at this point, I don’t think it would do any good to remove the sensor. I’m assuming the tiny speck of IV3000 film that might have gone in would just stay in.

I put the IV3k over the Dexcom unit. I insert vertically, not horizontally. Then cover with IV3k about 1/2 to 2/3 from top to bottom so water will drain out.

Good luck.

Thanks. I did mention to my CDE about putting it on top and she wanted me to try underneath. She felt like I might have better luck. I’m thinking I won’t try this again. I’ve put something along the edge of the sensor pad when it starts peeling up, but need something a little stronger. I’ve also tried cutting strips of the IV3k and Tegaderm, but can’t work with strips of the film, it just bunches up. With the full square, I was able to lay it out flat and didn’t have a problem. Small pieces are kinda like working with cling wrap, lol

the iv sheet is sticking to my daughters transmitter as well. i found a little baby oil takes the adhesive right off… so this time when i put it on i put a this swipe of baby oil over the sensor (transmitter part), and then layed down the adhesive. so far the sheet is still working fine. we actually do 2 so we can get full coverage over dex. i will let you know if my plan works on keeping the adhesive from sticking to the transmitter. we don’t do another change until friday.

I haven’t tried putting anything under the sensor like you describe. I used to use the IV pads with infusion sites, but that was mostly because it was easier to peel off, not because I was trying to make it last longer.

I did use the IV sites over the Dexcom with limited success. I cut a square in the middle, and placed it over the sensor hoping it would help hold the sides down, but the IV site and Dex’s sticky pad just don’t cling to each other, and it wasn’t worth it. Lately I’ve been having good luck with a paper tape (not sure exactly what it is, though I think most any tape will work as long as it sticks). I use it with shingles in mind. A strip on the bottom, then the sides, then the top. I think showering tends to be the worst peeling, so this shingling works pretty well. I usually only put a piece on top after a few days, then take that off and use more pieces if I’m really trying to stretch out the time.

didn’t stop the sheet from adhering to the transmitter. oh well. the baby oil still works well to remove the residue once you get the sheet off though.