Sensor reading ups and downs are night?

Hey all,

I’ve had the Dex for over a month and LOVE it. However, I am still learning the “kinks” with the whole and unit. Last night I inserted a new sensor on the back of my right arm. I have used this site 3 or 4 different times and it has worked flawlessly - awesome accuracy and lasts between 12-14 days every time!

Last night I had some weird numbers showing up. My graph shows constant "UP" and "DOWN" spikes throughout the entire night. I attached a picture of what it looks like. Now, it also says my BG is 48. I checked when woke up (just 10 minutes ago) andI was 66 (I've already corrected!). So, I suppose it is possible I kept going low all night but those spikes look way to close together. One good sign however, is that once I insert the sensor in my arm, I usually have ??? the whole first couple of nights. This didn't happen! I have been trying to drink a lot more water cause I read this could have an affect...

Any idea what could be causing this? Thanks!\

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Either your blood sugar is completely out of control or your sensor has something wrong with it… either not inserted correctly or just a bad sensor.

I have seen this pattern many times. The theory is that pressure to the sensor area causes these changes. I am now avoiding sites that I sleep on. The only area that is safe for me is close to my navel.

Yeah, I’ve seen that jagged line too when I sleep on the sensor and squish it and confuse the readings. It is a very different picture than “my blood sugar is out of control” which usually involves a real spike or drop that doesn’t make a u-turn within ten minutes. It may go away after another night or two with that sensor as it settles in. But try to be careful not to sleep on that arm.

What I really hate about the nighttime jaggedness is those false BG=55 alarms, which get me evicted from the bedroom :frowning:

I hate those too!
I was “evicted” too the other night, I was hovering just around 90, but the sensor was reading 70 and jeeze…it was a pain in the butt!
You’d think that if my significant other gets to snore like a locamoitve, I’d get to alarm every once and a while…
oh well!

This happens for the first night or two everytime I use an arm site - I am convinced it has to do with sleeping on the site and interstitial fluid flow in your arms. For me it goes away after a couple nights so I keep using arm sites anyway.