September 11th 2009

September 11th was more than a day when we remember a national tragedy. It was the day that my life changed forever. My sugar was at 360! I went to the doctor and was told I was diabetic. I was devastated. The doctor took my beloved Pepsi. He placed me on metformin. I went through the weekend feeling so much better. The extreme thirst that I had been experiencing and the near constant urination slowed way down. I felt fine at work on Monday. Tuesday I woke up and felt the dehydration that I had experienced prior to the medication. I went to work feeling like I was thinking through the insides of a pillow. I had been there for an hour and decided to go see the nurse at work. He checked my blood sugar and it was 429! Apparently that was a bad number. He wanted to send me to the E.R. but my doctor had him give me insulin at work and then my wife took me to see him. One hour later I had a bag of nifty new gadgets and a lifetime sentence. Not the Pepsi! Anything but the Pepsi. It turned out that is was Everything AND the Pepsi!
Well it has been a few days since that all happened and I am still struggling to control my sugar. I have completely changed my eating habits but today I was still 310. Anyway, the nurse wants me to come down and call my doctor and give me more insulin because she feels that it is not in control fast enough.

Hi Tim,

Adapting to the new lifestyle is one of the hardest this to deal with… Give yourself time to adapt and grieve, it has only been few days, you will be under control and you efforts will be paid off!! Soon without even noticing you will start to like the taste of diet Pepsi even better. :slight_smile: Here some discussions about diet cola you may like.

Coke Zero?
Is it Coke or Diet Coke?

Just take one day at a time…it is SO overwhelming and scary and frustrating…we all understand what you are going through. Don’t beat yourself up either…it takes time. You must fight and don’t give up…when knocked down…sit and relax, then get up and fight! I will be wishing you well :slight_smile:

Thanks. My wife and I are struggling through this together. She doesn’t want me to do it alone, which I thought was really very nice of her. New life changes are intimidating but I feel I am facing this one well.

That’s the right attitude and be patient. Metformin actually takes a few weeks to take effect. Take it slow so it does not bother your GI system. Try to eliminate some carbs, sugars, breads, pastas, rice, but not too fast or else your system will revolt. You will be fine, as we are. Sorry about the Pepsi.