Set allergy?

I have been using the Orbit sets since I December. Since having my son in May, I seem to be having a reaction to the infusion sets. Redness, welting and itchiness within 24 hours of insertion.
Does anyone else deal with this and what can I do? I’ve tried IV3000 and skin tac… those seemed to make it worse!
Any advice would be helpful!! (sorry for spelling or grammar mistakes. I’m typing on my phone while I nurse my little dude.)

I have heard of people having a reaction to the plastic in the cannula itself. Seems that there is an alternative hypo-allergenic set available, but not thru the pump companies. Maybe someone else will know about how to order those. Sorry I cant be of more help, but yes it does happen.

Hi Jennifer. Maybe you should try the Orbits with a stainless steel cannula. If that solves it, you may have developed a teflon allergy during pregnancy? -Most sets have a plastic teflon lined cannula.

I have to use the metal sets because of this allergy. Good luck sorting it out. It could also be a reaction to the type of insulin in your pump.

i sometimes get this kind of reaction. i started using tegaderm in hopes that would help. it did for quite a while but sometimes it is worse with the tegaderm. here is what my stomach looked like after the first reaction. like i said, it only happens sometimes, and nothing seems to stop it.

I was using the stainless steel ones during my pregnancy and switched to the Teflon ones when this all started. same reaction with both.

Hmmm. Not the teflon then. Have you tried changing the type of insulin you use?

Jennifer - If you have a fuller bustline since having the baby this could be the problem. I'm made like this and have not had a baby but had problems with sets breaking out, itching, etc. Spoke with Animas nurse that a tech connected me with. She asked the same thing to me. I said I was large on top and she has this all the time from ladies with this problem. Call the tech line and they will have a nurse call you and help you try other preps and methods also. I still have the problem but a different prep helps a good bit. Also choosing different sites. May not be your trouble but just a guess as it's very prevalent.