Settling in

tudiabetes seems to be a very comfortable spot. Thanks, Manny for setting it up.

My mother is here, helping out for the summer. When I was 20, the thought of having my mother stay with me for 8 weeks would have completely depressed me. Well, here I am, the mom of a diabetic toddler and sooo grateful for the help. Who cares if she throws out half of my worldly possessions while she’s here. Peter and I actually went out to see a movie on Saturday!

Peter’s family is close by and very knowledgable about diabetes (as these things go), since he and his father both have T2 and his mother died at age 53 from complications of T1. This doesn’t mean they will help us out when we need it or even cut us some slack. (roll eyes) I need some emoticons!

Anyway, since my mom is here to help out, my house is temporarily clean, the laundry caught up, and I’ve had a chance to spend more than 2 minutes alone with my husband. I’m in heaven!!!

I really admire your strength. (and that of all the parents of children with diabetes) And yes, I am with you, take all the help you can get from your mom. Have fun! :slight_smile:

How nice. I love when my mom and dad visit. Your mom sounds like mine constantly keeping busy when she’s not at the beck and call of my kids.