Its Monday of D-blog Week, D-mom (A dedication to my mom)

D-mom (A dedication to my mom)
“Admiring our differences”

I had given this a lot of thought and I would say parents of diabetic children inspire me to work harder because I have watched many parents of diabetic children in my private practice struggle but never give up. The struggle to raise a child is demanding. Raising a diabetic child is filled with a lot more work that is both physically, emotionally and mentally demanding.

In addition to dealing with their own needs and feelings as individuals, these parents have to be and stay strong so their child can grow up healthy and strong – and I admire their courage and perseverance. When things get out of control for a diabetic child, they have to pick up the pieces. They have to drop everything, put their fear into the background and take care of their child every time there’s a reaction. Each time the blood glucose meter doesn’t work, D-Mom and D-Dad go into action. They play many roles: advocate, researcher, doctor, nurse, psychotherapist and many more. D-Mom is life for these children and tends to be under appreciated for the immense job she does 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are constantly on duty, yet do this special job with loving care.

As a therapist, my job is to help others but I get to go home after work and take care of my own needs. The job of the diabetic parent is never ending. It never stops or turns off. Every time I think of what they have to endure, my admiration for them grows bigger.
When taking care of anything for my clients or myself, I know I can because of how they inspire me. My mother’s drive and dedication helps me and my clients who are mothers of children with diabetes spur me on in my practice and in my life.

I am a product of a Diabetic Mother. By helping others and by taking care of myself, I honor her work and dedication to taking care of me.