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“Total Available Glucose. The premise behind TAG is that a portion of the protein and fat content of the meal will also contribute to carb loading above and beyond the actual carbs in the meal.”

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Great idea, Danny. I am eager to learn more. Happy easter to you all!

I’m a wanna-be TAGer, ready to learn!

I’ve got a way to go to understand this - it make sense - interested in seeing what kind of a difference TAG makes to my numbers.

I would love to learn this technique…Thanks so much for your info, Danny!!

God Bless,

Excited to learn more. Don’t pump, but hoping I learn a better method for MDI.

I am willing to try just about anything to get my glucose levels more level.

Interesting. My Mom and I have talked several times about how we could probably get tighter control if we counted all the carbs, although I admit that the idea of doing even more math at every meal is a downside.

Looks cool. but it seems awfully complicated, and more paperwork and time delay before one can eat…

Carb101 & John - I am soooooo NOT a match person, but after the first few times, and using the forms, it was easy. Plus, see the TAG SPREADSHEETS discussion, there is a “food bank” form that helps streamline for foods often eaten.

It does require more awareness, but with the results I’m getting, I feel like it is SO worth it.

great group Danny :slight_smile:
even though I’m not on a pump yet,I’m sure I’m gonna benefit from this one day :slight_smile:

Flying fingers - carb101 & John - I meant to say I’m not a MATH person :slight_smile:

No worries. we dont take off points for speling here… :wink:
Im still trying to get better at accurate carb counting on the go, since im usually not home…And to be frank the CK book is lacking in many areas

Count me in. I’m a CPA, so the math is not a problem…but being disciplined about counting everything and testing afterwards IS. Figuring I’ll just work on one meal for now. Just tried it with lunch, but starting very conservatively – 20% X protein grams, 10% X fat grams extended over 3 hours, plus immediate bolus for carbs minus fiber. Have any of you had to reduce your insulin to carb ratios doing this, or were you able to just add in the extended bolus to cover the protein & fat on top of what you were already doing?

Thanks for gathering this info and support in one place!

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These are the tools I use everyday to do TAG square boluses:

  • A TAG worksheet on a handy pad of paper
  • Nutrition labels
  • to teach me about protein and fats in my meals
  • Calorie King’s iPhone website for when I’m eating out
  • Continuous Glucose Monitor to see the resulting blood sugar “curve” after a meal
  • Minimed Carelink’s “Sensor Overlay by Meal” report to spot trends

This means I start each meal at a computer. It’s not a great way to live, but I’ll keep it up until I know the fat and protein content of most foods as well as I know the carb content already. Its also a tricky way to get me to do meal planning at least 15 minutes in advance :wink:

Grace - What a great topic! Can you do us all a favor and start a new discussion on Tools 2 Use - and then copy/paste your comment in there? I think discussions make it easier to follow specific topics.


This TAG thing is pretty cool. I have actually been doing something similar for several years, but it’s all in my head (the calculations).

One area that is going to be a bit of a prob for me is figuring out the grams of protein/fat. I’ve gotten really good @ figuring out the carbs after 37 years. Since I don’t have regular internet access, I’m going to need a book, right? Or is there something I can download?

Fair Winds,

I love the EatSmart scale & will be loving it even more soon. It calculates carbs, protein, fat, sodium, potassium & more for 999 preprogrammed ingredients raw & cooked, along with weight. Reading up on how protein effects BG a while ago, I remember something about how we can’t go on cooked weight alone of things like red meat to determine protein content.

For me its about knowing your body and how certain foods effect it as well as counting carbs. I don’t think TAG would have much change or effect for me because I already know what to expect as far as how my sugar levels respond to certain foods or meals. (but of course not everything out there) Some things I already know I need to bolus a little more or less for based on experience. I think if you are at that point, you wont necessarily need to re calculate for fat and protein.

Well this is certainly interesting and I think I sort of understand the math. Going to have to sit and create my own spreadsheet. But first… How do you decide the Fat/Protein bolus time? I just started the CGMS this past week and I will start to get a handle on how certain foods effect me, but to start off??? I haven’t down a dual wave bolus for a few years. I take the Calorie King book with me when I go out. It’s pocket size, so it’s nice to take along (well in my wife’s purse ;).