Where do I start?

I have been desperately scouring the internet looking for some solution to my struggle with bolusing for my newer diet that’s based more in high fiber, high protein carbs. I found this group, and I’m hoping that I have found a solution…or at least the first step in figuring out the solution. I’m tired of guessing.

So can anyone point me to a discussion that would help me get started with TAG bolusing? I would really appreciate it.

Join the TAGERS group, it is priceless information. What diet are you on?

Is there a specific thread to look at to get the basics? I’m a little overwhelmed with everything I’m finding.

Hi Amy. Although I think Danny answered your question, I want to add the way I came to understand it.

Essentially foods break down at differnet times in your system (and these times vary widely with people). A generalization is what this image depicts.

What Tagging does is take into account the Protein and fats that you consume in a meal. The biologists basic rate is 50% for protein and 10% for fat. Peoples rates again vary widely, but thats not a bad place to start.

So there are calculation sheets that can be used, and a realy good example of TAGing is as fallows,

Hope this helps.

OK…I think I get it. It seems similar to what I’ve been doing BUT with a more concrete place to start. Right now I’m just doing everything as a stab in the dark…it’s working to an extent, but I hope this will give me a little more structure. Now I just need to find the time to sit and read a little more closely. Thanks for giving me a little more of a breakdown. I appreciate all the help I’ve gotten. I’ll check back in soon!

Thanks Danny. I’ve been consumed by diabetes and pregnancy/motherhood for a few years, and I’m FINALLY venturing over here to do other things. This is all a big help, and I’m going to dig in a little more thoroughly soon if I can get a few seconds to breathe. I’ve been doing temp basals and or stab-in-the-dark dual wave boluses on my pump for a few weeks now and like the results for the most part. The only catch is that it’s all a guessing game, and I like that this gives me a concrete place to start working from. I’ll tweak things and see what works for me. I love how, 22 years into this, I’m still trying to figure out what works (and once I figure out what works…it usually changes).
I appreciate the help!

I never answered you, did I?

I’m essentially not on a diet. :o) I had an endo put me on 60 carbs or less a day to try to combat how insensitive I’ve become to insulin over the years. That did NOT work…I thought I was going to kill someone or die, even after a few weeks of doing it. I had to change to a new endo in January, and he recommended trying a slow carb based diet vs. a low carb diet. It works to an extent, but I always find myself dropping low and then going high. I’m better off downing a pint of icre cream than eating a bowl of oatmeal! I’m hoping this way of dosing my insulin will help me eat “slow carb” without raising my a1c (I went from a 6.0 to a 6.8 when I changed to slow carb…not bad, but it was a definite increase that I can only relate to the change in eating).


+1 Im 24-25 years in and have just begun to figure things out!

There is so much info you seriously have to take one thing at a time. And I know how consuming motherhood / D can be, Ive got a 3 year old at home and see how little time the wife gets. I get personal time from 9-1am and its usually consumed with helping clean house / grocery shopping / low carb cooking / school work / etc. Were nuts!

Maybe start off with the worksheets, they can be used on the computer or handwritten and make things pretty well structed and easy. Look forward to hearing your results!

Hi Amy - have you used any of the worksheets yet? If you need help, please let us know.


The more I read the more I think that I’m very very thankful to Cheri for sending me the link to TAG. It’s amazing that soo many providers will ask you to inject yet another hormone / synthetic something that can cause major side effects before they will teach this. I do remember learning about the fats and proteins in my first inpatient stay in germany. We did a experiement on it. We made “wurst salad” which is basically a sausage dish and half of our group bolused with the combo bolus taking in consideration the fats and proteins and the other half did not. The results were clear. I’m soo thankful for this group. Maybe living in 3 to 500 hell has finally come to an end. I need to dig out my pocket Calory King book :o)

I also take my tag form and tag food bank (list of fave foods) with me, just fold them in the bottom of my purse; only a couple pages.

I remember being a teen and hearing that a newly diagnosed family member was only bolusing for carbs. My first reaction was to ask my mom (she’s had T1 since 1958), “How does THAT work? I get high when I eat tuna and don’t take insulin!!” Of course, I went ahead and scheduled an appointment to see a dietician who taught me all about carbs. I did ok, but there are definitely times that I feel like something is missing—hopefully TAG is what I’m missing! Let me know how this goes for you. I’m pretty active in diabetes community and have never heard of this…I’m hoping I can spread this to other family members and friends with diabetes…it could be just what we need!

I haven’t…you know, I just realized we reattached our printer. I’m going to go print some of this info out now so I can read it and work through it. Thanks!

Hi Amy - all I can tell ya is I was AMAZED at the difference! Good luck!