Shared Medical Appointments: so much you can learn!

Recently I realized that I am very fortunate to be able to attend a Shared Medical Appointment with my endo. I learned that these are very rare settings, kind of like support group-meets-medical appointment, where you have an endocrinologist in the room along with a social worker and the other patients.

Those in attendance sign a document basically stating that they are OK with their case being discussed openly in front of the other people in attendance and then the doc starts going around the room, going briefly over each person’s case, asking them how they are doing, what they are doing, how X or Y prescription they started on (or stopped taking) is affecting them, etc.

You learn SO much, plus there’s so much to be shared too… It’s kind of funny when I go too, b/c there are not too many other patients who are on an insulin pump and I am one of the few that has taken the CGM plunge, so when the topic of the pump or the Continuous Glucose Monitor comes up, the doc turns to me and asks me to tell others about my experience with them.

Likewise, I have learned quite a bit from other patients attending…

Anyone else have this chance to participate in Shared Medical Appointments?? Do you mind sharing your experience?

I like this idea a lot. I wonder if it would help the medics deal with the flood of us non-insulin T2s.

Well, most of the patients my doc sees at our SMAs (short for Shared Medical Appts) have type 2: some are on insulin, some on pills, a few are solely managing D through diet and exercise.

Manny I hadn’t ever been to one but this seems like a GREAT idea!!! Thanks for sharing that with us and I’ll ask my Dr about it next time I talk to him!

My doc mentioned there were only a few SMA implementations throughout the country… THERE SHOULD BE MORE!! Come to think of it, it’s also more efficient for the docs too and it’s probably the only way patients can get a FULL HOUR with our endos! :slight_smile:

NOW THAT SOUNDS EVEN BETTER!!! I will most assurly say something to him!!!

This is a great idea !!!

That’s a great idea, Manny. Thanks much for sharing it… Until reading your post, it never occurred to me that when visiting with their endo in the traditional one-on-one setting, diabetics are really operating in isolation. But that’s really what it is. When you take it outside of that paradigm, and do as you’ve done, THAT’S when the learning really begins. I’m curious if this is being practiced at the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center in New York. Will certainly look into it at my son’s next check-up.

It sounds like a wonderful idea. It can be beneficial to those who don’t have the benefit of a support group.