She asked, which one is the bad kind?

Today, while I was out shopping and at the checkout register, two of the employees were talking about how babies get Diabetes. They both looked at me like they wanted to include me in the conversation so, I eagerly jumped in.

I figured this was the perfect time for me to tell them that I was Type 1 and on an Insulin Pump & CGM. I proceeded to show them my pump and they were amazed. I explained to them that "BOTH" Type 1 and Type 2 are bad. I then went on to clarify the two types. But, they seemed more interested in my pump. I wish I would have had more time to talk to them but, being in a check out line my time was limited.

But, at lease this time someone was interested in what I was saying and I was able to speak more than ONE sentence before the subject changed! LOL

When someone asks, “Do you have the bad kind of diabetes?”, I respond with the question, “Is there a good kind?”

Good for you for attempting to educate.

I hate when people ask me that...they don't even care what the methods and procedures each one has, on it's own...ugh

Good answer, Terry!