Shifting to a longer transition for existing customers... and abandoning "fair"

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Quite the detective work there! Thanks :slight_smile:

This doesn’t seem to be too big of a deal or really all that different from what we already knew. I’m still sort of banking on my supplier sending me the new stuff without Insulet’s intervention, like a lot of people with Edgepark have been doing.

Oh man. I'm happy I saw this -- I woulda been so bummed when I opened the box... I had gotten a shipment of old pods the week they started sending new ones out and I just ASSumed, as it were, that my next shipment would be the new system. So, I got a notice yesterday that they sent me out a package and was all excited. But now that I look at their info I see that it is likely, almost definitely, just a shipment of old pods. :( That means a whole 'nother three months for me.

Same here. Since my next 90 day shipment will be in August, marking my 4 year anniversary, I suppose I should probably just call the Reimbursement Department at my next earliest convenience.

As profit margins are considerably higher on the new pods, Insulet has every incentive to get every user transitioned as soon as possible. There is no corporate plot to bait and switch existing users. I suspect the company is facing logistics issues and possibly manufacturing issues that are slowing things down a bit.

I agree. There is a corporate plot (rightfully so) to maximize shareholder value. It will be interesting to see what they say on the Q1 call Monday--this has got to be a topic of conversation...

So after yet another call to a "supervisor" this idiot advised that "Nobody at the entire company, not even the PRESIDENT" can send a new PDM out to someone, when we all know they are sitting in a warehouse somewhere waiting for a NEW customer to call and claim one.

Amazing how they are magically available for $1000, (one rep let it slip that less than 100 new patients have gone on the new system)

So what happened to the rest?

New pods are confirmed on the way through Medco

The "president" is supposed to call me back....we shall see...stay tuned...haha

Doesn't every company in the World try to maximize profit? Just saying...

Just received a shipment of pods today. Old ones. You folks are welcome that I'm using up the older ones for you...

Oh, sorry! That sucks.

Totally.... it's finance 101. My problem is the lack of communication, and apparent lack of honesty. I'm a shareholder, and want them to become profitable and succeed in the long term. I'm just frustrated with their tactics right now. If there were a competing patch pump, I'd be demoing it right now.

Me too. I suspect my new ones are just waiting for me on a grassy knoll somewhere.

Thing thats frustrating is that they wont ship the PDM's that DO exist , the latest "supervisor" said they had to manufacture more before ANY would be shipped out...that doesn't seem to make any sense to me...Having to have enough backups on hand in case of one massive failure?

In that case...shouldn't they have to have enough manufactured in order to backup all the "new" users" (less than 100 people according to the rep I talked to)

Crossing my fingers for the promised call from the President of Insulet to tell me that there isn't anything HE can do either...

So frustrating

At this point, would you even *trust* what the President tells you if you do get the promised call?

My parents brought me up on "actions speak louder than words". :)

Yeah, my whole attitude towards this transition is pretty much riding on what happens if and when my warranty expires. I can handle the waiting but if the waiting results in a whole lot of trouble because I'm no longer under warranty, I'm going to find it hard to stay in my happy place.

Whats funny is that this "supervisor" was the only one not in on this "meeting" she told me everyone above her was in. I'll call them in a couple of hours and see what idiot I get this time. If its the case that not even the president of the company can help....then that speaks pretty loud about the values of the company.

FHS - Jim mentioned that he was out of warranty on the thread he started about getting the new stuff, and that he only had to pay $50 for the new PDM and the rest was covered by his insurance. If your warranty does indeed run out maybe that’ll be your experience as well?

I’m sort of confused about the whole ‘renew your warranty’ section of this announcement though. Maybe someone can clarify.

Still got fingers crossed on the call from the

The awesome supervisor I talked to yesterday amazingly is the ONLY one in the entire office available today as am I lucky !

You're a more patient man than I. After I called and begged for the new system I just put my head in the sand to keep from going crazy about the shittiness of this

The guy that called was not the president of the company, and basically gave me the same run around. Even tried to tell me I need Mental All for calling them out on their BS

I asked for his boss, and he refused to pass me on