Have any existing users received new pods?

i know quite a few NEW users have received the new pods, just curious if anyone who is an old customer had received the new pods. i was told early april, but i'm opening my last box the end of this week, so i want to try to push it until then if no one has received the new pods on a re-order.

I'm about 3 or 4 weeks away from my next order. Got my fingers crossed...

Just call them. I just spoke with them, they are gearing up production now and they should be sending soon but he would not give me a date. I just had an order filled with old system. He did say there have been a few new people who have gotten them. Everyone will receive an e-mail or call before being switched to coordinate insurance and orientation. Seems to me that established users should have been the first to get them, not new.

I asked for 20 min & wasn't able to order the new stuff. Ended up making minimum 10 pod order. They said April, but who knows. My guess is they are sitting on piles of new pods and PDMs, and just want to wean the inventory of the current gen pods down to a minimum level before pulling the trigger since it will all become obsolete once they make the switch.

Just received my re-order today, anxiously opened the box, and discovered they were the old style. My guess is that they're trying to flush out all of the those pods with the existing users first. Kinda disappointed, but I understand and can wait. Hurry please!!!

I am living in Europe we have the new pods since late last year. My personal experience, confirmed by the European ditributor, is that Insulet have some/major production issues to solve. Personally I've had very many occlusion problems with the new pods that I didn't had before. THey are working to solve the issue which may explain the cautious roll-out in the USA.

Yes, I’m with you on that, have had so many including one today so the failure rate has been 7 out of a box of 10. The problem has been acknowledged and is being sorted I’m told as quickly as possible. The product is great but still more work to be done. When you get 3 in a row that don’t occlude I’ve thought that nothing will make me go back to the old ones, another one occluded and the old annoyance comes back. Hmmmm!

As much as I'd like to get the new pods, I must point out that while it may indeed seem unfair to switch new users first, it is quite logical; why would Insulet start people on older supplies to switch them with their next shipment? (We "established" users have no choice but to go through that transition...)

I currently have 53 of the "old" pods. I feel like I'll never run out - HA!

oh, i see the logic. i saw the logic before i started on the pod in january, but the guy on the phone at insulet assured me that i would get the new pods faster if i was an existing customer, so i signed up mid january. i should have listened to my own logic. like i said, i had tons of minimed supplies left. if they haven't transitioned me by my re-order time, i'm going back on the pump until i can get the new pods. i'm throwing away 20 units of insulin every 3 days!!! (i have not mastered getting insulin out of the pods. all i get is a bunch of bubbles.)

Try putting less insulin in when you fill up... Min=85,max=220. The downside is replacing a pod too soon if you guess too low (or eat more fruit than usual). Also, remember you can wear a pod for up to 80 hours (8 beyond the expiration notice) during which you can use more of any remaining insulin.

I've got about 80 of the old ones! lol. I think when I finally get the new ones that I may still use the old ones for at least a month so as to build up a "cushion" of new ones!

i already put the minimum amount of insulin in each pod. and i stretch the pod life out until i get to 20 or less units (or the pod REALLY expires). i don't eat a ton of carbs.

Are you saying you remove it when it gets to less than 20 units? I wonder if I'm doing something wrong, because I do not.

Quite often, I have double-digit leftovers in my barnacle when it expires but very occasionally, it gets to "LOW" in those last hours before it dies and the buzzer goes off. Anyone know at what point it starts saying "LOW" rather than a number?

I'm pretty sure it says LOW when you get <5 units in the reservoir. ...I think?

haha! I guess were in the same boat. I imagine I'll use all of my 53, though. It would be a much different story if the new generation required less than 85 units minimum. Booooo to that!

Aha ... that makes sense. I'm sure I've seen a "6" before. Thanks much, Bradford. :)

no, what i was saying is that after 3 days, when my pod expires, there is often more than 20 units. so sometimes i will leave it on a few more hours if i'm near a meal, to try to get it less than 20 units, so i don't feel like i'm throwing away as much insulin.
from what i read, i think the new pods have a minimum reservoir limit of 65, which would be good for me b/c i feel like 70 units would be a perfect number for me (would give me a little cushion so i don't run out)

Ah, thanks Vicki.

I called Insulet last week about this very thing and was told that the new ones have the same 85u minimum. Bummer. With any luck, I found someone with inaccurate info.

I almost never take off my barnacle unless and until it dies a horrible 80 hour death ... I find that I can often get an entire day of meals out of the extra 8 hours! Even tho my insulin is free, I also abhor throwing it away. Perhaps one day, I'll figure out how to suck it back out. :)

According to the owner's guide (http://www.myomnipodtraining.com/pdf/OmniPod-User-Guide-UST400.pdf), on page 47, "The Pod requires a minimum of 85 units of insulin to begin operation."