Flu shot=High BG's?

I don’t know if this has been asked already, but here goes:
So I got the seasonal shot today, and this evening my BG is pretty out of whack, even for me.
Before dinner i was 220 (unusually high), I ate and bolused, and one hour later it was 270, now 2 hours later it’s only down to 250. i just gave a correction of 1.2 u.
I plan on changing my set if it doesn’t go down any more within the next 2 hours, but does anyone think it could be related to the flu shot?? My day was pretty much the same as usual, and I exercised this morning, so my #'s were pretty good until tonight.

YES. I don’t know why it occurs, but my obstetrician warned me to watch for highs after she had her nurse administer the shot to me on 9/17. Then I ran high for about 48 hours or so. I took so much extra insulin.

I had the H1N1 vaccine the other day, and I ran a little high for about a day

Makes sense that a vaccine would raise BG since vaccines are a diluted form of the virus.

Hmm I guess it could run high. I never have though, so far anyways. I got my seasonal and H1N1.

I had H1N1 shot yesterday and I haven’t seen any highs that I couldn’t explain.

But I guess it could depend whether it is a “live” vaccine or not?? If yes, then that makes sense to me.

I had the same experience with the seasonal flu shot, but I also got full on flu symptoms. Lasted for 48 hours then I was back to normal.