Swine Flu Vaccine - Blood Sugar Levels

Hi all,

Tracys partner here. She recently received the H1N1 vaccine (Shot Variety) and has had unexplained high sugars two days after.

Has anyone else had any similar experiences or could it be down to something else?


I had the flu with much higher BG than otherwise.

Some people have higher BG from vaccines. Others don’t. Vaccines work by introducing a “diluted” safer form of the virus into your body so that you develop antibodies without having the full blown virus. Well, that’s an oversimplified version:) This is why some people develop minor symptoms &/or reactions–aches, tiredness, a slight fever, etc. following being vaccinated. So, BG can be effected by a vax in a similar way as getting ill. Yes, there is an earthly reason why vaccinations can impact BG.

As is always the case with diabetes, it could also be due to something else & just a coincidence that she had a flue shot:)

I had a slight fever of 99.5 24 hours later and my BGs were maybe 30 points higher than usual the day of and the day after. I was back to normal by about 36 hours after the shot.

I was warned by the Doc, who explained about the H1N1 shot , when I and others were counselled , that BG maybe higher than " normal " …and it never materialized for me …I did have some discomfort in my back muscles the following day ( this was mentioned as well ) ; not necessarily( sp ?) related .
Hope Tracy’s numbers are coming down ( drinking H2O helps )

see ive been the opposite, ive gotten my h1n1 vaccine and since my blood sugars have been really good, almost on the low side i had to reduce my basals, so im not sure whats going on there haha