Shirataki Noodles, Vegan Napoli

I found these in the health food section of my supermarket. They claim to be low carb so I thought I would get some. There were three flavours on offer, but this one was the lowest carb on offer.
They are heat and eat, you can heat the sachet in the microwave, and add fresh foods to them when hot.

how many carbs?

@Hilory An article I found on google says, zero carbs.

I haven’t read the article in its entirety yet or the linked articles, but I plan too.

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I get overexcited when I see anything titled ;low carb’. I seem to remember I had some of these and didn’t like them. There is also some low carb pasta, still on the market. But despite a flavoursome sauce I found them tasteless.
I can’t read the nutrition label on the packet of shiritake I bought, but I shouldn’t worry too much @Hilory because I live in Australia and you are likely not to be able to find them in your supermarket.