What does your Diet Consist of?

I am curious, and doing some serious dietary flip flopping, and am curious what the folks on Tudiabetes adhere to for their diabtes control. Low carb, ADA, CDA, GI, Vegan, seriously, I am curious as to what others are eating. As you can see by my latest post What is the Best Diet for Diabetes?

Thanks for any feedback.

Lean meats,fruits and veggies,and whole grain carbs


I eat just plain old everyday normal food. My carb grams, if it helps any, are between 110 and 160 or so. Depends on how hungry I am, and what my day is going to be like, ie: in the woodshop using all hand tools, wears me down real fast, and hypos can and do come quick. I will say this, though, breakfast is THE most important meal of the day, for me. HTH.


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Low carb (30-35 daily) works best for me. Low carb=low insulin doses=less wild variations.

Low Carb – I try to stay under 90 for the day.

I follow a vegan lifestyle, so that means no eggs, milk products, or meat.
This is what I normally have: (I pretty much eat the same thing everyday so I know what’s going on with my numbers)
-smoothie with vegan protein powder, banana, and spinach (15 carbs)
-rice cake with peanut butter (6 carbs)
-soup with tortilla (22 carbs)
-carrots, hummus, almond cheese (8 carbs)
-salad with veggie burger (17 carbs)
-1/2 banana with almond butter (13 carbs)

Thats pretty much how it goes but I sometimes like to change it up.
Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

your diet should consist of whatever you enjoy and can monitor to calculate how much insulin and when you need to take it.

for example it is not gonna do me any good if i hate eating low fat high fiber foods and am going outta my mind and go start sneaking some snickers or something cause my body was craving the creamy nuggety center lol.

not only am i less likely to bolous properly for it i am not being honest with myself and how i want to live my life however more complicated it is now.

the only major thing i think we have to do is what our body no longer does and that is match the insulin with the digestion of our food.

just some food for thought. lol. (yes pun intended)

Hey Trev. I don’t do anything special, except eat along the lines of what is generally considered healthy i.e. limited saturated fat, no trans fats, lots of plants. Carb counting works just fine for me – if I bolus right, my sugars are stable. I’ve been experimenting with avoiding certain foods that might not be making me feel very well, but that has very little if anything to do with the diabetes/glycemic control.

I think the best diet is the one you can stick with. For veggie lovers, a vegetarian or vegan diet may be the way to go; but if you hate them, like I do, a low-carb diet may work better. Which is not to say that I don’t force myself to eat veggies, but I couldn’t deal with a diet of lots of veggies, limited starch and limited protein, as shown in the Power Plate.

By limiting my carbs to 60-75 a day, I have lost 22 lb. by the doctor’s scale, and my lipid numbers are the best I’ve EVER had. Even the VLDL, which has never been in the normal range for me, came out at 34 on a range of 0-40. And I’m just not hungry. If I eat veggies and starch, I’m hungry an hour later (Chinese Restaurant Syndrome), but if I eat protein and fat, I stay comfortable for up to 6 hours. And my BGs are more stable than they’ve ever been.

For children, however, you have to think differently, because they need energy to grow, and can’t eat all that much. Plus, their needs are constantly changing, and adolescence can be a nightmare. I don’t have any advice on that because I never raised a diabetic child, but I think caution and careful research are the keys here. And a good pediatric endo, who knows about what children need for growth and health!

I LOOOOOOVE salads. I eat a TON of veggies. Plus whatever I want for the rest of the day. My carb intake is typically from 110-180- which I guess is considered low carb. I don’t ever feel like I’m starving myself and my lipids are great. Eat what you love and limit the rest. I decided that a few years ago. Why would I force myself to eat something, take a shot for it, if I’m not even enjoying it? If I’m really craving a cup of ice cream, but it’s not dinnertime yet… I eat the damn ice cream and skip dinner if it’s what I’m craving. This keeps me satisfied hungerwise- and sanity wise.

I wish I was able to do low-carb, but I have other issues that means eating fresh whole-grain stuff is out of the question, and I’m not a big fan of meat. So, I eat a lot of carbs (150g would be a low-carb day for me). The only thing I no longer have is regular soda - for some reason I would rather reserve the 50g carbs in a soda for a piece of chocolate cake.

Seems to work for me, so far. I test a lot and use a CGM to keep things in check.

I follow WW with a lot of diversions, meaning, I don’t eat as many carbs as they have listed. I mainly use the WW plan for support and encouragement. But then I go strictly LO carb with much protein for iron reasons. I’ve lost 60+ lbs and am very happy with that. I’ve been down to 100 carbs, but am finding that this is just NOT enough for me during the day, especially when I work out, on those days, I have to have more to keep from fainting. So, although it wasn’t easy to switch over from counting points to carbs, it has worked for me, as my numbers “D” wise are much more under control. I eat a lot of veggies, some fruits that I have found work for me (but that doesn’t mean they will work for you, I think you have to do a hit and miss on that one) and only, only whole grains and like I said, lots of protein, chicken, pork, fish, some beef and then other means of proteins…I have learned and found that diet is sometimes more what works for you…rather than a straight pattern that everyone else follows. But you are wise to ask…I had no clue and it took a while for me to get under control in the eating area again. On to - 100 lbs!

I eat three meals a day and don’t snack. I don’t eat sugar (haven’t for 17 years due to an eating disorder, so that works out fine). I am a vegetarian so had to radically change my diet for diabetes. I thought I ate healthy but I was eating way too many carbs with lots of pasta and rice. Now I eat what I consider moderate/low - under 100 carbs a day. To do that and remain vegetarian (not to mention a serious foodie!) for me means I cook a lot, but that’s okay, I love cooking and I have the time.

I just eat healthy. Period. I don’t eat a lot of fast or prepared foods (can’t have the salt) and recently learned I can’t have dairy. I eat carbs because I work out and I believe you need carbs just like you need proteins and fats but I keep them lowish (I guess 120 is the lowest, I really don’t pay attention). Everything in moderation. Calories in vs. calories out for weight control. Fruits, high fiber, whole wheat carbs, veggies, low fat protein and yes… alcohol and chocolate when needed. Diabetic 36 years with A1c’s under 6 as far as I can remember. And I’ve never owned a “Diabetic” cookbook in my life.

Meat, fish, fat, and low starch veggies and fruit.

I don’t like eating foods that have been heavily modified so I eat regular foods and stay away from foods that have been modified to be low fat or sugar free. There is always a trade-off with some sort of chemical that may kill me in twenty years. I eat balanced meals that include vegetables and fruit and whole grains. I do like sweets so I just try to be conscious of how much and when and why I am eating them so that I don’t undo all of my hard work. I am not a nazi about my diet though. I do give in to cravings but my personal motto is if you aren’t 100% sure that it is going to kill your craving, don’t eat it because you will only eat something else on top of that. That has helped me stay out of a lot of trouble.

Same as Alyssa, Lean meats, fruits & Veggies, most of the carbs I eat are high fiber carbs I try to stay away from things made out of flower, I dont eat sweets, If I want a dessert I eat fruit & most of my foods are raw. no soda or juice, I drink only water and milk. I have this diet to keep my weight in great control and to keep my BG levels from spiking. I’m a Type 1 since 1989.

I follow a low carb, high protein/fat diet, usually between 50-100 g carbs/day. I don’t limit calories, I just eat whatever I feel like eating, although sometimes I try to eat regularly to make sure I get enough food. I generally try to eat foods that I have prepared myself from whole ingredients, avoiding processed foods. I like to try and get natural foods like organic, grass fed meats and free range poultry. In my view, there should be no question that dietary carbs cause a rise in blood sugar. As a diabetic, if you want to control your blood sugar, you need to manage your carbs. If you really want tight control, then you need to restrict your carbs.

Brian, I was so waiting for a cottage cheese endorsement in your response.

I am trying to get back to low carb

Breakfast - sliced whole tomato with touch of mayo

lunch - will be a salad with tomato mayo for dressing Maybe (10 ritz crackers 22gms)

I have brought a nectrarine and a plum(may or may not eat)

snack - 5 ritz carckers with peanut butter

dinner - will be salad with tomato, celery, peanuts on the salad, dill pickles on the salad, may sprinkle cheese on the salad

snack - 5 ritz carckers with peanut butter

I just started back to this following knee replacement I went off Low carb during recovery to make it easier on my staying at home for 6 weeks.

I forgot I eat lots of carrots

I am going to do this until i go tired of it. Would like to go Raw for a while if I can get away from those ritz crackers(whole wheat) love them.

i walk a mile before I enter the office and a mile before lunch helps with BG’s and knee