Shopping,books, and purses

Things I would like to note on my vacation:

Sitting in a bookstore, sipping coffee, and reading diabetic books is the only way to go because out of all those books i found only one that i would actually buy. The others are only helpful if you are brand spanking new diabetic, and most of the info you can find from the internet, on this site, or free diabetic education hand outs.

I love purses and shoes, they will always fit!!

I love the show man vs. food, it makes me want to eat jalapenos.

two bite brownies are dangerously delicious

i think i am okay not living in the city, to many people and lot of them not friendly

i think that no matter how old i am i will always love skulls and roses, and i’ll probably never own a a dress, makeup, or highheels. I live by the rule of thumb that you should dress comfortably.

I saw one of our very own in the diabetes forecaste, it was the best part of the magazine to see our Hungary ambassador kristen and tudiabetes mentioned!

Shrimp rules all

katamari is the hardest funniest game ever

i just watched day of the dead, i am now wary of a zombie attack

wavesense rocks my world!

i love the marines, only because my hubby is one!

xmas is a time for watching movies and playing video games, as well as eating good food.

i better get started on that!!

You are the best! xo