Shots and Witches

OCTOBER is my favorite month of the year since it contains both my birthday and Halloween. I am happy to greet October, 2017, with it’s cool days and longer nights, apples and witches!

September was the proverbial roller-coaster for me. My husband and I enjoyed sitting in our yard on sunny afternoons, surrounded by trees and flowers, to drink a glass of GF beer or wine. September also included my surgery to remove cataracts in both eyes, and a painful left foot that made my walking difficult.

A little history: I have had Type One Diabetes for almost 24 years. To treat my diabetes I remove insulin from my Apidra pen, and Levemir pen, with insulin syringes and inject the insulin into my belly.

I enjoyed writing the following two haiku; I hope that you will enjoy reading them.


Once I wore a pump–
loved it! My blue warrior,
fighting for my life.

My body shrank; gone
the infusion battleground.
Now just my belly.

My diabetes
sends its signals: time for shots!
I prepare again.

Look at the needle’s
gleaming tip, fill the syringe,
stab my bruised belly.

Gertrude Waller

The following poem is not diabetes related, but 'tis the season. Happy Halloween!

October Nights

Watch the witches fly!
The moon lights the broomsticks’ way.
Count the silhouettes.

Watch them disappear
into the tunnel of night.
Look! A young witch waves.

Gertrude Waller


Thanks for the haiku, Trudy. Most thanks for the Gertrude Waller poem, love it! I like September, its my birthday today and the weather has just warmed up beautifully.

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My beloved sister defined herself as a Witch who loved to study Buddhism…Such things are very complex and mostly they boil down to LOVE!..


Yes, Judith, love is such a very important thing.