October Withdrawal

I’m going through October withdrawal symptoms. I always love the month of October - the smell of fall, the colors of the leaves changing, and ofcourse Halloween. It is usually a fun time and it’s sad that it went so fast. October’s top ten…
10. Going to my first Nascar Race
9. Enjoying my daughter Gwen’s soccer Games

8. Taking the kids to "Port Farms located in Waterford, PA. It was a blast and I was happy that this little secret was shared. It will definitely be a place that will be made a "Fall Season/Halloween" tradition each year. My girls really enjoyed themselves (and so did I). They had tunnel slides, huge slides, giant tricyle races, corn mazes, hay bale forts/mazes, hay rides, corn box (like a sand box or ball pit, but 10x the size, pumpkin picking, etc.

7. Pumpkin Carving. Even though the smallest pumpkin had the outer shell of a concrete wall!!! It took me an hour to carve out the face that Olivia drew. I kept thinking to myself - "For the kids, this is for the kids". Good thing I took a picture because it didn't even last an hour before our dog decided to eat it!

6. Cousin Abby's Birthday party. It was the girls first time being invited to an overnight birthday/slumber party. I too stayed overnight so Olivia could participate too. The girls had fun and I think the girls there got a little taste on what it is like to live with Type 1 Diabetes. Thank you to Aunt Sue for making it a fun time!
  1. Overnight Stay at Grandmas. Again, I stayed the night too because my mother is not yet confident in herself in learning how to take care of a child with Type 1 Diabetes. It makes me sad that my mother is not “there” yet, but I understand. Diabetes is scary! I will continue to do my best to educate her, but in the end she is going to have to make the next step, but until then I will keep “staying over” with my children to make sure that the bond between grandmother and grandchildren continues to grow stronger.

  2. My In-Laws - words cannot express how much they do for our family! Thank you (and not just for the month of October)! LOL!

  3. My birthday!

  4. My husband’s birthday - only one day older than me!

1. Halloween - I love getting the kids ready. I love how their outfits go together. This year Gwen was Cruella DeVil and Olivia was a Dalmation puppy. They looked so good! It's also a fun time watching them have so much fun. I think we put more emphasis in the costumes than the candy itself. Last year, my husband pre-gave all the neighbors a treat for Olivia, but this year we let her go trick or treating just like any other kid. We did the same block loop where my in-laws live and their baskets were still chucked full. We didn't let our kids go hay wire with candy even before Diabetes was in the picture so they are really good when it comes to that. We keep it in the cookie jar and let them have one piece with dinner. Half the time they forget that it's there and I end up throwing it away. I still had easter candy in the jar that had to be thrown away to make room for their Halloween candy. We easily work it into Olivia's meal plan. We went trick or treating for an out, but I think they enjoyed giving out the candy the most.

They are already thinking of what they want to be next year.