Should I wait until my 7+ dies before upgrading to the G4?

Hi, I've been using the Dexcom 7+ for 2 years and 2 months now. I've just inserted a sensor and have one left after this. I normally get about 2 weeks out of each sensor, and I'm not having any major issues with accuracy/range. I understand that the average life of the transmitter is only about 2 years - should i go ahead and upgrade to the G4 or is it worth waiting for the 7+ to die? Does anyone happen to know if there is an upgrade discount in the UK?


I'm in the states, and my insurance covered my upgrade to G4 from System 7. I think there was an upgrade discount in the states for customers who had recently purchased the system 7.

I have heard (not from Dexcom) that the system 7 is being discontinued, but I don't kow if it is worldwide or only in the states. Here are some points to consider:

  • How much longer will you be able to obtain system 7 supplies in the UK?
  • The G4 is more accurate. My G4 is seldom off more than 20 mg/dl, but I would sometimes have a difference of over 100 mg/dl with the system 7
  • The G4 has a greater range, approximately 6 meters
  • The G4 transmitter is larger than the system 7 transmitter and therefore is more visible under close-fitting clothing
  • You must use the Dexcom Studio software with the G4
  • Will you be putting yourself in danger during the period after the system 7 dies and you receive the G4? I would due to hypoglycemic unawareness.

I think the US has Gen4 Platinum, which is slightly different than UK with Gen4. And I thought I heard that Dexcom is filing for CE Mark approval for Gen4 Platinum. (this might have been mentioned in the video chat with Terry Gregg this past month). I don't know if that would affect your decision.

One disadvantage of just waiting till your 7+ transmitter dies is that you may end up with unused sensors, so you may want to get the new one while you can still use up the Seven+ sensors.
In US, they can't be sold to others, but I don't know about UK.

I am not familiar with UK policies, my 7+ was just going along like normal and no warning, it dies. It was 1 year almost 8 months old. So if you are over 2 years, you are doing good! Of course, I had just ordered a new 4 pack of sensors, had one unopened sensor left at home so I was out that co-pay as you cannot return. I would check with your provider to see what your out of pocket expense is, and if you are able to afford, I would suggest you go ahead and upgrade before you wind up like I did - stuck with sensors you cannot use or return! Good luck!

I agree with all above, I would upgrade to G4 to avoid having unused sensors. 2 yrs, 20 months on one transmitter is amazing.

Thanks all - i probably will upgrade before it dies. might also look into trialling a combined pump and cgm, mainly because it'd be nice to have software that can generate combined insulin and BS charts (i spend aaaages faffing about with formatting!)

If possible do the upgrade. The G4 is so much better.