How Did You Get Your G4?

I have been using the Dexcom Seven+ system for slightly over a year now and absolutely depend on it. Originally I got my Dexcom system and supplies directly from Dexcom but then my state BCBS plan required that I go through a 3rd party supplier - Pumps It. I've been pleased with their service until now and trying to figure out what happened.

A couple of months ago, the Pumps It rep told me that I was due for a replacement Dexcom system and BCBS would cover it - so I said good deal. But they sent me another Dexcom Seven+ system instead of the G4. I have not taken it out of the box yet and have been too busy to contact anybody about it.

I got an email yesterday from the Pumps It rep wanting to know if I was ready for another shipment of sensors. I told her that I am, but first I'd like to know why I wasn't offered the G4 and just automatically shipped the Seven+ system and could I switch out the system they sent me (since I haven't unboxed anything yet). I haven't heard back from her yet. Now I'm wondering if they tried to pull a fast one by sending me the Seven+ system without asking if I wanted the G4.

For those of you who were already Dexcom users, how did you go about getting your G4?

I was still in warranty and upgraded from the 7+ to the G4 with their $399 offer.

But it seems to me that they really should have given you the G4 from the start.

You might qualify for free upgrade direct from Dexcom, as your purchase of Seven+ was after Sept 1 2012.

Existing Dexcom Seven users had options.
if still under warranty, and purchased before Sept, they could get upgrade Gen4 from Dexcom for $399. (out of pocket, no insurance coverage). So some choose to just wait till warranty is up, the purchase Gen4 w/insurance.
If purchased after Sept 1 (Gen4 announced in early Oct), then they get Free upgrade.
If purchased over a year ago / out of warranty, then have to purchase new.

Your situation may be different since you purchased AFTER the announcement/ availability of Gen4. But hopefully Dexcom rep can help with your options, so I'd suggest you call Dexcom.

Before I was out of warranty, a rep from Dexcom emailed me telling me I would be out of warranty and asked if I wanted them to contact my insurance (Aetna) and by the way we have this great G4 system (which I already knew). I now have a blue G4 with no out of pocket (I had already met my deductable for the year). I don't have sensors, I have 4 more system 7 sensors to finish. I can't wait until mid-January to start using my G4, especially after my system 7 let me down yesterday. Receiver read 98, finger stick was 49. I starting feeling like something wasn't right, and it wasn't. Curse you hypoglycemic unawareness!

My Seven+ was way way out of warranty (I got 2 years out of it which was pretty amazing though), so when it started to die I asked Dexcom directly and they said that they were only shipping G4 and not any more Seven+ units. It sounds like maybe you should have gotten the G4. I go through CareCentrix third party and they were good throughout the entire process with G4.

Based on what I was told by my Dexcom territory manager, Pump It could not send you the G4 instead on the Seven+ even if they wanted to. During the FDA approval process, the G4 was determined not to be a direct replacement for the Seven+. As such it required filling out all the forms just like I did years ago when I got my first Seven system. I had to submit BG logs showing how many times a day I test. It requires testing at least 4-5 times a day. My doctor had to write a new prescription and insurance had to approve me for the G4 just like I never had the prior Seven+. I think everyone that uses the G4 considers it to be just the latest in the line of Dexcom CGMS products but the FDA doesn't.

Very strange... I didn't have to do any of those things...Dexcom just shipped it! No new forms... no new prescription.

I am fulfilled through Edgepark, but some times it just comes directly from Dexcom and they just process the insurance via Edgepark.

The upgrade itself was direct with Dexcom.

I didn't have to do any of this. I just contacted my rep at DSC who told me to get in touch with Dexcom directly, which is what I did. I did not need to get a new prescription or fill out any forms. I received my new G4 at the end of November, but I have to wait for sensors until the first of January because of insurance (I had recently refilled a 3-month supply before ordering the G4).

I don't think what you experienced is the norm as I have not heard of anyone else having to go through this. It sounds like such a pain to have to have gone through all of that again!

Thank you all so much for all of this information. You are all so helpful. I feel like Dexcom and Pumps It both definitely let me down. I haven't received any communication via email or snail mail or phone call from Dexcom or from Pumps It to notify me that the G4 even exists, much less that it was now available -- the only reason I even know it exists is because of this group. As a current Dexcom/ Pumps It customer, this is unacceptable.

I just assumed, obviously incorrectly, that current Seven+ users would receive upgrade options and, as I said, I haven't received any information on the new system at all. My next step is going to be a phone call to Dexcom this morning and I'm also going to forward the email conversation I've been having with Pumps It where I've asked why I wasn't offered the new system...and still have not received an answer.

Thank you all so much.

Well, that was alot easier than I thought it was going to be. I emailed Dexcom and got a response from the Customer Care Manager within 30 minutes.

According to the Customer Care Manager, Dexcom got FDA approval for the Gen 4 Platinum on October 5th and went to market on October 8th. She said Dexcom had no idea when it would be approved by the FDA and they are not allowed to discuss products that do not have FDA approval so that's why no information was sent out. She said they had limited availability for the first couple of months because they had to build up inventory.

Because I ordered my Seven+ in September, I qualified for a free Gen 4 Platinum system and they are shipping me the color of my choice (blue!) as soon as possible. I did not have to complete any additional paperwork or get any approvals through my endo.

Thanks again to all of you.